Sand, Lasers, and Wrecking Balls, Oh My! [Breakbeat, 'World']

Started by J-MACHine, February 13, 2011, 10:25:30 AM

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Tired and, whilst not exactly "hungover", still recovering from a night of throwing back beers atm, so I honestly cannot be arsed with long messages. All you're getting is this is a trademark J-MACHine track; breakbeats, synths, and strings, peppered with some flutes and band hits for extra flourish, at about 135bpm, so it's not exactly breakcore, but it's not hip hop either. It's also the third track I've done based on the webcomic Memoria, which is seriously well-worth a read, and can be found here:

Fabulous Pony Eurotrance™

Master Dutch

nice job...Sounds like im in another dimension...Very clean production J...ohhh those chords are funky!


First Impression - very Japanese...this is awesome!
This is just brilliant J...this could easily fit in the Kung Fu Panda 2 score in some fight scene.
Excellent. Crystal clear.


Like it - melodic and interesting in sample choice.
Percussion is a little quiet, though, in my opinion.
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture


Awesome flutes man!!  Love the breakdown and really perfect mixing, good stuff :D 
I like noise.  I don't know what Genre it is.


Christ, I didn't realise I'd left some comments along for THIS long .__.
As a general comment to all of you, I appriciate the comments on the mixing, and by and large it's as clean as I try to make it... With the exception of the main breakbeast riff; I must've put it together with the pan set 50% to the left on all of the samples without noticing until after I'd already recorded it and deleted the memory card file. 8D;; Thankfully it doesn't hurt the track at all, really, and most of the other drums have been panned correctly.

@ Dutch: Hahaha, cheers man! Glad you liked the funky chords.

@ Knowlesy: I was aiming for something more middle eastern, unless you mean in composition style rather then in sound style; in which case thats a hell of a compliment XD
Glad you loved the track all the same, mate!

@ Arcane: Yeah, on a couple of my track's that's happened, the drums have come out quiter then they should, although in this case, some of it can be blamed on the accidental mis-panning of some of the drums taking the punch out of 'em. Sometimes they're intentionally quiet though, so it blurr's the line between where it's an accident and where it's intentional. Still really happy you liked the track though!

@ Jerbs: Cheers man!
Fabulous Pony Eurotrance™