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Ok, I'm new to this, and a tutorial for it would be completely awesome, because I don't have a manual. Thanks.


That's a pretty good idea, actually.  Since it's been a couple of years since I've used it, myself, I could use a little refresher course in it, too.

Perhaps, if anyone's willing, a couple of basic usage tuts and a few on advanced techniques.  Maybe someone might like to do a "How I Did That" sort of tutorial - unless, of course, you don't want to give away your secrets :) .


I was supposed to write some when this board opened, but then I ran out of time and I posted screenshots of the entire manual instead. However for copyright reasons I prefered to not keep the manual online.

Maybe later I will rewrite some tutorials to help ppl start with MTVMG1

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I'm probably not the best person to be giving advice as I am very much a learner even though I have been using this programme on n off for 8yrs..

I mean my samples/tunes are in no way as good or as deep as omnimaga can produce but I can say keys and what I do..

I start by always putting the skin in world view, I find it easier to see the whole screen, then you know how much room you have-

Towards the bottom of the screen it has volume data,reverb,bpm and key..adjust accordingly

Basic keys-

X- Select
T- Back
O- Song track menu
S- Delete

L1- Pre-made riff library (Don't use this though)
L2- No function
R1- Set riff length- ALWAYS USE THIS FUNCTION/Enter Riff editor on highlighted sample
R2- Riff palette- samples that you have created
Select- Highlight area
Start- Play tune

Then its down to you- Sample creation.. by pressing R1 you have the abiltiy to create a riff..

Press R1 and select riff length, I normally use 1 bar for kicks,snares,percussion
maybe then 4 to 8 bars for melodies n BASS,8 being the maximum, by pressing X after pressing R1 it takes you to the create a riff screen, press L1 at this point to get into all the sound samples divided up by various headings. To skip to the one you want i.e BASS,MELODY,PAD,PERCUSSION etc hold down select while pressing left or right accordingly, much faster than scrolling through all the samples..there is a lot..

the screen always starts in scale 5 and I guess this is a basic setting for the right pitch of the note, I normally leave kicks at this scale but will frequently change percussion etc to suit my needs..all a matter of trial and error..it asks you once selected a sample the what khz you want, the higher the khz the better quality it will be but this will take up more memory..

Then just select samples and create some sounds- By holding down X while pasting you can adjust the length of the created riff

If you create a melody,(or any sample),using all 8 bars and want to adjust it in the create riff screen, press select and highlight the whole area then press R1 to get to the sound editing function,(the box to the right,) I use this for fading,panning and all the functions really..

By pressing R2 in the create riff screen it will take you to all your loaded samples so you can create different riffs from the same sample- A function i'm not confident in using is when you press R1 on your loaded samples, you can cut,trim do all kinds of things..I normally do all this in the box on the right of the create riff screen..

Best thing to do is just play around

There is lots more functions and various tweaks you can master so have a go, hope this helps  :lol:

I am just a padawan learner remember


cool, thanks. Another question, is it possible to change the buttons? I have it on my PSP VIA a PS1 emulator, and R2/L2 are hard to acess

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L2 is non functional and R2 I think is just a shortcut, use O then follow the menu to riff palette..should work fine..L2 it appears does have a couple of uses, adding am channel for example, but O should work fine  

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Gonna upload an original version of one of my songs one I made years ago, then from the same skin I have created a new very different version, but my point is a before TIMGUL and after TIMGUL version, yeah I added samples but all the info you need for some cool tunes are located in various places, look in the MUSIC Creation topic for sample ideas and implementing them to good effect, I still don't understand loads  :blink:  


I actually work without R2. It's just the riff pallete, but my controller has not enough buttons for it.


if anyone needs help with mtvmg2 feel free to ask and i'll do my best to help!  :D  


how do you change the tempo????
had this many moons ago and completely forgot!
really need the help!


oh, i am using music 2000 by the way...
hope someone can help.


Hi and welcome here :)

To change the tempo in Music 2000, go on the song editor/sequencer mode and scroll down until you reach 4 slots that seems to look different. There is one for Volume, one for Reverb, one for BPM and one for Key. Look for the one that has an icon ressembling this "// /  /" at the start or something like that. That's the BPM one. Just insert a riff and set up the bpm there


hi, thanks for the welcome,,,and thanks so much for helping me.  :)
when i read it i was like `oh ofcourse!`,,,cant believe i forgot that haha. thanks again!
i understand that you use epsxe and just wanted to ask, i am experiencing a little slowdown when i play back my tunes...
any ideas? nothing else is running at the time. its nothing major, just a little annoying when i want to record  them and it skips a little.
any tips would help greatly.


hey, scrap that... problem solved!
should have a tune up soon for you to have a listen to....


nice 1 cant wait to listen!


And i cant wait for everyone to here it and get some feedback,,,,,,
but, i have encountered yet another problem (ggggrrrrrrrr).
so i have nearly finished this tune, and wanted to test record it (i have never recorded from epsxe before), so i tried using audacity..
and the result was tinny quality sound,,,basically the sound card in my laptop is  not up to the job by the sounds of it. tried many things and settings to no avail.
it sounds awesome through the speakers, just when i try to record it, it just doesnt do the tones or the bass any justice.

so i wanted to ask, if i was to post a download link to my epsxe memcard (mcr file) is there anyone here willing to convert it to an mp3 for me?
hell, i know its asking a lot,  but it would be greatly appreciated.....
hope someone can help.


sorry to be off topic by the way!


it's ok :) , altough my reply is in the other topic you posted somewhere :)

Else if it doesn't work I could always try recording them when I get some time.

As for the emulator I felt saddened that the sampling feature didn't worked in it, it would have been cool if it did, but I eventually decided to do with the samples alerady in the program


It's really great to see that people are still using my babies!  ;D

Last tune I wrote using MTVMG2 was a cover of one of my Amiga game tunes
for a compilation CD called IMMORTAL 2, which has to be quite some time ago(!)

I think I should drag out my PS2 and have a play again... :D

Have fun!
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Wow, I cant believe you`re here! Your tunes for the WipEout games were awsome! :D
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