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Hey I'm having a ball listening to all these great tracks...  ;D

People have been doing exactly what I 'd hoped, but I never
thought they'd still be using MUSIC/MTVMG in 2008!

I'm really humbled...  8)

The reason I designed the original MUSIC was so that pretty
much anyone could make music that had a reasonable amount
of credibility.

Back in the 80's when I was a struggling musician, I always
wanted the kit to make the tunes I knew were inside me trying
to get out, but it was all way too expensive.

If nothing else, I hoped to give the power of music to as many
people as possible!

At the end of the day, there are few things that can make you
feel good about yourself in this World, but writing a track from
start to finish and having other people hear it and comment
on it is definitely one of them.  ;)

Keep 'em comin'!  :D

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It's amazing to see the designer of these products here :)

I actually bought MTVMG on June 2002 and did tunes with it until Jan 2004, when the CD stopped working, then I found an online copy somewhere around December 2006 and broke my near-3 years hiatus from music making. Today I still own the original copy of MTVMG though, even the instruction manual and the little form you filled to win a TV or something with codemasters (I think that came with almost every Playstation and SNES games back then). I didn't bought it brand new but it was pretty close. I wish they would either start releasing some copies of MTVMG1/2/3000 or make another music program, preferably like MTVMG1, which was my favourite, even if MTVMG2/3000 had more samples and more avaliable memory.

Back in October I thought I was the only remaining MTVMG user but then I was searching for remixes of Canon in D by pachelbel and I ran into a Music 2000 version, which was awesome (altough sound was bad since it was recorded using a camcorder instead of audio cables+recorder), then I thought: wait, maybe there are more Music 2000 stuff here, so I typed both Music 2000 Playstation and MTV Music Generator and I found about 10 different users who used it or said they used it, so in comments I asked if it would be a good idea to start a small forum dedicated to these programs, and some people said yes. What I didn't expected is that there would be that many songs being posted though O.O. On top of that there are even more on Youtube, as other people joined the bandwaggon and posted their MTVMG work one after another, and still does today :)

147 crew

Since I joined the activity has at least trebled..WELL DONE THIS IS AN AWESOME SITE..really enjoy stopping by for a glimpse into peoples projects..LOVE IT!!  :D


Wow!!  It really is incredible to see that someone who was actually involved in the creation of my second favorite piece of software, ever, (second only to Photoshop), has found this site and decided to join in on the discussions.
I bought the Generator on the day it was released and spent the next several years experimenting and creating.  As I've said, elsewhere, I spent over fourteen hours, one day, "lost" in my own little world - most of that time, working on just one song.  The original was so deep that it took years to find all of it's functions.  It really is one piece of software that has stood the test of Time.
The second iteration was a bit confusing, at first, but just as feature-rich, once I got the hang of it. 

Hopefully, Tim will continue to visit our little site so we can pick his brain about what all went into creating the best reason to own a Playstation.


When I started TI-83+ graphing calculator programming I slacked down in playing games (used to play hours per day, everyday), but when I got MTVMG/Music 2000 I quitted playing games completly for almost 2 years

147 crew

Anybody fancy sharing some samples or puttin down some more tutorials?


Need some help with M2000/MTV MG for PC.. can't change the tempo, I assume the PC is different to the PSX version. Can anyone guide me?


Actually in Music 2000 PC it had 99 channels so you needed to scroll even further and to change the tempo I think you needed to click in the channel where you wanted to have tempo change


Ahhhh okay brilliant, thanks alot. :)