Humandplayed Flutesounds ;)

Started by JaYDeEe, April 19, 2008, 10:21:21 PM

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Well =D
The first what u have to know how to do a great flutetune ;)

First... it will soundlike humanplayed...
Second... u could use is for every Accusticinstrument ;)

So what have you to do know?

~~ Start the Riffeditor a [UserXXXXX]

~~ Start the Soundengine (Search with L1 on Your Gamepad, if you use a BeatmaniaController press the left white key)

~~ Search fot the Accustic Melodiesounds...

~~ Take a Flutesound... Like... PanPipe Tastic...

~~ Load the Sound in Your Soundlibary =) on 44mhz

~~ Go Back to the Editorplace, before this step mark the Sound u have loaded.

~~ Now place anywhere (Octave 5 #C) 1/8

~~ If you have do this you have mark the next three 1/8

[X][ ]
  • [ ][X] << So Like =D (Don't youse Halleffects that distrubet the sound)

    ~~ Now go between the Sounds... take a Note u want and place it anywhere...
    but now... something specially will come...

    Now you have to take a little soundsetting... press for this R2 and go to the Place where you finde more little boxes the first box is red ;)
    Press in and mark the first box and shut the box out...

    ---------->>           #
    [r][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] #
    ------------------------ This Place is to shut off ;)

    and then You mark this place:

    ---------->>            #
    [ ][ ][ ][ ][r][ ][ ][ ]  #

    you will see this sound a bit later =D the starttime of the keysound is now changed for 5 mmmseconds...

    Place the prepared Keysound now between the 1/8

    [ ]
  • [ ]
  • [ ] << The 5mmmsecondsounds
    [X][ ]
  • [ ][X] << The default sounds ;)
    Know press Start and make a demohearing =)

    It sounds like a humanplaying for a flute...

    But u can use this thing for every instrumment... only singlesamples (one shots)
    Not for looplike sounds =D

    I hope u can use it for your owncomposings ;)

    Greetz JaYDeEe  

DJane JaYDeEe


interesting I should try this sometimes. Could you upload a mp3 example of a riff using this technique? This could help me if I try it and want to make sure I did it correctly ^^