Want to get a "Mark Oh - Tears Don't Lie" stomping/zappy style kickdrum? Easy!

Started by DJ Omnimaga, July 15, 2008, 07:34:36 AM

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Easy to do, was just hard to figure out, altough with a bit of experiment, I finally found how, since I always wanted to use such kickdrum to make old school style eurodance/happy euro hardcore songs. If you want to know what I mean, listen to this song (not necessarly the entire song but at least enough to hear the kickdrum):

In MTVMG2 or below there are no such kickdrum samples. However, there is one sample from "Percussion->Strange" that you can use to create such effect: "Zap"! I load it at 44 KHz and place it either at the bottom in octave 3 (C I believe) or at the top in octave 2. It will sound different because there is some kind of low fi clap effect created by doing this too, but the kick will sound pretty similar to the Mark Oh song. You can reduce that clap effect by downgrading the sample quality to 22 KHz and setting it one octave lower than you would do at 44 KHz, but you will lose a bit of the zap/stompy effect. At 11 KHz you lose it completly. This might be useful if you want to create songs similar to Tears Don't Lie from 1995 :)


ah cool ive tried this before and it does sound awesome.
it worked brilliantly on music 2000, but on mtvmg2 it was more difficult because of the note clash problem or notes being missed problem.


mhmm I didn't got this problem in MTVMG2 for some reasons o.O . I wonder if it's because it was fixed in the american version? I got it to happen a lot in Music 2000 when being used on a small Playstation 2 model instead of PS1/One or PS2 original model and I have it happen sometimes in Music 3000 too. I never tried this one trick though and maybe my songs are too simple lol. I think I never used more than 15 riff channels at once and there might be a max of 20 notes playing at once that's all