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Started by jaz8521, September 22, 2008, 06:25:46 PM

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My apologies if this is the wrong place to post this question.

All of my music games are for the Playstation 2, and all of my tracks are saved on my PS2 Memory Card.  Does anyone know how i can transfer my tracks from my PS2 Memory Card onto my PC?  Also, if this is possible, does anyone know what i need to do to convert the files into MP3 or WAV format?

Thanks for any input you have  :)


you will need to buy something to record with first. i use easycap, but the more popular seems to be using some adapters. click the link for more help/advice on that.

once hooked up i record with windows movie maker and then convert the tune into mp3 via goldwave which is very easy to use (and its free!).

hope this helps  :)


This is great, thank you very much.  I'll try to get that lead and have a crack at it, but i'm unfamiliar with Windows Movie Maker, so i may have another question for you  ;)

Thanks again  :D


no worries, i know uploading can be a pain! any questions just post here and i, along with others, will try to help  :)


Thanks Pillage,

I actually got my easycap today.  I used the installation disc to install the easycap, and the Ulead video editor.  Problem is, i can't seem to find how to access the easycap.

I also checked under My Computer to try and find the easycap connection, butthere's no trace of it, so i don't know if it doesn't work (even though the insallation seemed to work ok) or if i'm just doing it wrong.

If you could give me a kind of step by step i would be hugely gratefull.

Thanks again for your help ;)


I figured it out :D  and Goldwave works a treat, thanks very much for your help Pillage ;)  I'm looking forward to posting more tunes :)


great news! i look forward to hearing your music. at least i can now ive finished the album lol!