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Discussion / Re: Who here would be interested...
October 12, 2010, 12:29:23 PM
Yes, and would also be interesting to hear the transition from old to new - see how it progressed over the years.
Not exactly a link but if you go to and create a station called DJ Tan, it'll play one of his tracks either straight away or quite soon if you click next through the playlist. The one I recognised as having "Music" samples was called "Hope Inside" from an album of the same name.
Questions, comments, feedback and suggestions / DJ Tan?
October 05, 2010, 11:49:35 AM
Just heard a track called "Hope Inside" from an album by a guy called "DJ Tan". Sounds as though it was made using "Music". Just wondered if anyone here knows about him/her. Sounds like a good tune.
Can't speak for anyone else but I really like these. Very interesting sounds. How did you create the awesome warped sounds like on the "Skyline"?.. I'd like to explore more of this style for myself. "300zx" is great! "Chevvy" is wicked! Well done.
Discussion / TIMGUL on Facebook?
September 16, 2010, 09:18:28 AM
Hey, I was just wondering if there's a Facebook page for TIMGUL? Not sure if many users have facebook but it'd be a good hub for people to swap ideas and pass info about this site and maybe pull a larger fan-base.
The links are down :(
Techno/Trance / Re: simple trance-first draft
August 31, 2010, 04:14:58 PM
Fear is a funny thing; it's the ONLY thing that ever stands between a person and their full potential.
Techno/Trance / Re: "Let Us Prey"
August 31, 2010, 04:07:53 PM
Thanks. lol, the voice is a bit scary - even more so in the film. Yeah, I plan to chop the beat a bit and fatten it up - it just a loop at the minute that I'm using as a place-holder. I like it but I want to build it up as the song progresses and then strip it back just before it drops into the pads. I've got some scary singing for the end ;)
Techno/Trance / "Let Us Prey"
August 31, 2010, 03:08:59 PM
OK, been away from the scene for a while. Kinda getting my head around fruity loops. It's something I've looked at for a while but could never quite get to grips with it after coming from ""OctaMED" and then "Music".

Here's my first track which is starting to come along as I've been figuring out how to use "FL". It's an unfinished work in progress inspired by the film "Johnny Got His Gun".....not seen it?

"Watch it, it may change your life."

I've got some ideas for the remainder of the track, should be interesting to see if I can manage to drag it from my mind and into the netbook ;)

Also any quick tips for FL9 would be handy - still only discovered the basics, will be watching some YouTube tutorials.
Techno/Trance / Re: simple trance-first draft
August 31, 2010, 02:44:01 PM
Sounds nice, like the cut-off effect. Something I'm trying to get to grips with. Nice beat too when it kicks in. The 303 blobs in the "background" reminded me a bit of Better Off Alone - Alice DJ,  good overall sound. Gambatte!
SOunds good - very lively. Like the wobble-board/UFO sample thing.
Techno/Trance / Re: Once Around the Sun
July 17, 2010, 11:27:33 PM
Thanks :D Don't use skype that often. I'll be on occasionally though. Cheers for the support :)
Ooh. Music 2000 on PC?  :)
News and announcements / Re: New Forum Theme/Layout
March 28, 2010, 12:04:11 AM
Like it as it is :)
Just got MTV 3 a couple of weeks ago and, as others have stated, there doesn't seem to be any scope for creativity :( The riff editor doesn't allow you to import any of the samples from the library so basically you can't create any new stuff on it - it seems to be just about rehashing pre-made tunes without the ability to change/create the riffs.

Also bought Music 3000 (again) - I'd had this before with the USB mic and sampler add-ons but couldn't get my head round using it. I thought I'd give it another crack but as soon as I it fired up, I remembered that the controls are cRaZy (L3/R3 action buttons?? Mouse-style pointer with no quick-jump....aargh!!) and the interface is just way too confusing for me (too many hidden modules scattered around and so many different icons and "donut" menu-options. I have the same problem with frootyloops (its components are all over the place).

By far, my favourite is "Music" - the first incarnation on the PSX which had an awesome riff editor and effects manager. The only downside to it is it's relatively small sample library and inability to add new samples. I managed to get MTV working on my PSP and while the sample library was bigger than on "Music" with some more interesting sounds, I found the slight change of interface and controls too frustrating to get on with; some of the more popular functions and buttons had been swapped out and/or removed. Shame I can't find a way to hack/modify the original Jester "Music" disc to put my own sample library on DVD :(
Techno/Trance / Re: Once Around the Sun
January 07, 2010, 10:56:13 PM
:D Thanky. I was a bit embarrassed about this one - got a few negative comments and laughs from family members. Glad it's gone down well here. I'm itching to get the PSP out now and do some more (just got to finish the tiling by the weekend first). Thanks again. 
Drum & Bass / Re: Temple of a Million Years
January 07, 2010, 01:47:15 PM
Haha, thanks for th encouraging comments! A few people said that about dream sonata too. I really enjoy writing with 'Music' and experimenting with different styles/genres. This one wasn't quite finished - as with most of my stuff, it was saved to tape or .WAV and my Memory card was erased (compression failure) so I was unable to finish it. Shame but I WILL write more new ones - I love it. I just moved house and have spent a lot of time, money and effort in decorating. It will be another week or so before my mind will settle enough to start back on my music writing again.

I posted my music and some other stuff (written poetry, videos and epigraphs etc) if anyones interested - sorry for being off topic, my blog does include music but it's all posted here anyway.
Some content may be considered offensive; my view of humanity, religion and military has been tainted slightly and I'm not of normal mind but I don't mind not being normal :p

Shame I missed the Christmas comp too. Great that so many people are still involved. Let's keep the vibe alive!!
Thank you.  ::)
Experimental/Other / Re: L14r! 1i4r!
January 07, 2010, 01:37:26 PM
Thanks very much - I liked making this one. Wanted to capture the beauty and mystery of the desert with the sinister and uncertain undertone which war/battle/conflict brings and th jubilation of freedom upon returning home - an attempt to blend the emotions I felt at the time.
Awesome - thanks!