Ne Zha Nao Hai

Started by JaYDeEe, April 16, 2008, 07:00:24 PM

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Hello Again =D
This is the next what i have done XD

The Track is for an old anime (70's)

I had made a Video to this:

and Hope u Like this Track...

I'm Working for this time at the remake of my First Track ;)

DJane JaYDeEe


I like it, you have some very nice melodies in your songs!
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true, I like this song. I never saw this anime before though. I used to watch some cartoon/anime but they were mostly from the 80s, like Albator (Captain Harlock), Dragon Ball Z and my all time favourite, The Mysterious Cities Of Gold (Taiyo no ko Esteban). This one was awesome, I am glad I know french though, because the old english dub is horrible. I hope they fixed this in the new UK DVD release. I even made a RPG Maker game based on this anime (altough it was more meant as a sequel)


this is fantastic, brilliant melody  :)

.:DJ Droppin:.

 :) VERY NICE..... great piano works and melodies.
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I can agree, very nice. Beautiful melody.
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Excellent tune. I would really love to hear some vocals over it. I think it would suit it really well.

But still a beautiful track. Great melody and easy to listen to. Very pleasant to the ears :)