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Started by TPT, July 11, 2009, 09:24:23 AM

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New track on Music 3000. Please give constructive criticism, its the only way I'll get any better.


(released under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Generic License)


hey tpt, nice sound you've got there, i particually like the bassline. really great progressions, nice arps, excellent production. not sure as to what criticism to give as i think the track sounds complete! great catchy piece of electro, i can tell you've spent alot of time on this! nice work, anymore?


Wow. Wasn't expecting that :) Thanks very much :)


no worries, quality addictive tune, got anymore to post?


Cheers JohnP. Yeah you're right its dancer :) My favourite bass too. The voice sample is one of the stock effected vox sounds. Afraid i don't have the skill to fiddle with samples that closely :) I don't have any other tracks that i'm completely happy with to upload at the mo. But working on it :)

Sacred Virgo

nice song, very catchy and playful, i liked it. so you want some constructive criticism? let's see..

1 the reverb of music3000 completely sucks (it's not your fault). so i recommend you to use other software in combination with music3000 in order to enhance its poor reverb.
2 this song sounds a bit empty at times. try to fill that void with some sfx


Good point. Must admit I had noticed it can be a little repetitive in the main.
Thanks for the input :)

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