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Started by TPT, August 03, 2009, 11:46:28 AM

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Hey everyone. This is a tune based around a pre-made riff. I don't like using pre-made stuff, only for fill-ins and sound effects, but this tune sounded so delicious I had to post it.

I used the Eurozone riff from Music 3000. Decided to call it Your Ozone just so Music users get the reference. I had a bit of a dilemma when naming it, since its a pre-made main riff should it really be called a remix? Or should it be classified like people who use samples of other bands? In the end I just gave it a name which gives some indication as to its origin.

Please note this is its raw draft, no post processing.
All constructive criticism greatly appreciated

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Quote from: JohnP on August 03, 2009, 01:35:10 PM
at 1:39 when u drop in the sawtooth sample, i'd love to hear that fade in over 8 blocks or so, maybe with reverb (red square to yellow - top right somewhere, in riff editor if u know what i mean!)
john, my friend, what are you babblin' about?  :D there's no such thing in music3000!  ;)
the lack of reverb in this song is not TPT's fault, it is due to the flawed reverb of music3000 itself.

imo the best thing about this song is the beat, so minimal yet very effective, and the bassline (also the electric bass is cool, just need an extra reverb for that).
-add some snare fills right before the beat drops (for example at around 1.32) and apply a crash cymbal (class crash/crashed/long mute/crashexpect etc) everytime the beat starts or drops (at 1/16) to add some more emphasis to it.
-reduce just a bit the volume of the lead synth
-the sfx at 1.20 is too loud and imho unnecessary
-add some more melody variation, or the main riff is going to be too repetitive. try adding a completely different set of melodies at around 2.00 ...
-as usual use another program in combination with music 3000 to enhance the reverb!

hope you find this useful


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Pretty freakin' sweet, to be honest. I wouldn't expect anything except the best from you anyways...rock on~!
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Many thanks for the positive comments :) Much appreciated

And cheers for the tips Shellshaka. I'll try some of them out at the weekend :)


Not bad, not bad. Even for a rough draft, it's all comming together. It need's perhapes a bit more atmosphere, but what's there works quite well. Steady beat, a nice bass, and the premade riff you where reffering too is indeed quite catchy. I liked the various effects used between 01:12-to-01:22, too. My suggestion would be, if you're going to make it slightly longer, have another spot of effects a bit later on. Maybe one or two different effects as well, to keep it fresh. It goes well with the "space" vibe brought on by the way the song sounds, and the title used. All in all, this is sounding very, very promising. I look foward to the finished result!
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i hated the non reverb in music 3000, would have been awesome if it was included!
ah yes i remember that riff, quality riff, like what you've done with it, everthing is nice and snappy.
really happy vibe to this tune, nice and bouncey!
what reverb settings do you have on this? it just needs a little more depth, maybe merge another bass line in there, fill it out a bit, and cain a bit more percussion.
good stuff i look forward to the finished 'meatier' version :)

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