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Rap/Hip Hop / Visions of a Dead Future 2!!
July 08, 2010, 09:31:39 PM
This is the final bit of music from Pale Horse called "Visions of a Dead Future 2," before the album drops on the 27th. You can find me at the following places directly or by searching "V Sinizter" if need be: (my web store)
Facebook (seach for V Sinizter) (seacrch for V Sinizter) (search for V Sinizter)
As the name implies, here is the final sampler for Pale Horse! (it's fixed now so you can download and listen!!)
 ;Dcalled "The Valley of Twilight." Expect a release date around mid to end of May. A solid concrete date will be announced once the music is off to the mastering engineer. Enjoy.
Thanks homie. Believe me the full on album will be mind blowing.
The poll and topic are pretty self explanatory. In the meantime, those who want to follow the saga and mythology involved in "The Gospel" can get a sweet little glimpse into the past, present and future.
I mentioned about this album in my Last Mile Thread (and the song was downloaded 53 times!!! Jesus Christ!!!) and these are two songs from it called Run! and Wedding Bells. Tell me what you think and as always, the music generator is the lifeblood in it. Later.
Music Generator is good stuff. I got picked up in 2002 by Psychopathic Records (Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, etc) and almost landed on Universal in 2005 using the Music Generator. I plan on releasing a new album and go on another hunt for a deal after completion (as soon as I fix this snag I recently ran into). But didn't know Dizze Rascal got picked up using this. Gotta check his stuff out.
Other MUSIC/MTV Music softwares / Two Questions.
March 11, 2010, 10:09:49 PM
What up y'all. Been gone for a minute working on my album. But back to the grind now. Anywho, got a couple of questions for the computer saavy people in here:

1st- I'm using both the MTV Music Generator and Music 2002 to do my music in. Now in December I had no issues recording in both (as in using the record function to import samples, melodies, etc). I took a break to work on mixing the album and came back because some songs I have to do certain melodies over. Well when I try to record in both again, clicks and pops keep coming up. I cleaned out unnecessary programs, defragged, rebooted and what have you and I still get clicks and pops. My sound card is Creative's Audigy Platinum EX brand which I've used for the better part of 8 years with no issues prior. Got any advice for me?

2nd- I don't know if I mentioned in my time here that I bought a new computer with an upgraded Creative soundcard that runs on Vista. Well I'm certain some of you had to have run into this problem. I can use both programs on THIS computer, but the problem comes in when I exit the program (or frustratingly get booted out of it) I try to go to a save file and re-open my session and it kicks me out all together. I can't go back to save my life and the only way I can is by taking the session to my other computer (which has it's own issues described up top). Well I did that prior to December and post Dec it's now clicking and popping. I have a way around it, but it's too tedious and I'd much rather compose on the computer with the Vista if that's at all possible (it is but I roll the dice on getting kicked out of my session and not being able to go back to it on this comp).

Any advice?


Congrats on your deal. Hope it works out for you homie.
I have a question. How about creating the WHOLE thing IN MTVMG/MG2000 and beefing it up OUTSIDE of the Generator? That's what I normally do anyway is compose and create the whole thing in the program and beef it up once the song is done.
Other interests / Re: Who has Myspace?
December 08, 2009, 08:21:37 PM
Albums / Re: "The 2econd Coming! Six Wings of Glory" EP.
September 22, 2009, 11:28:44 PM
Thanks Blondie. My ultimate goal is to get out to the masses and show the world the Generator is a viable source to produce pro music. If Enough people hit up the page and make some noise about what I'm doing the people I have watching me will probably be prompted to put out another generator and make it both user/engineer friendly. Hell, Rockstar has that Beaterator thing coming out for PSP that Timbaland's endorsing. But I'll stick with what got me to the dance.

As soon as I finishing mixing down this track I'm working on, I'll zip up the songs and have a link for y'all tonight.
Albums / Re: "The 2econd Coming! Six Wings of Glory" EP.
September 22, 2009, 10:02:34 PM
I got my own set up where the MG 2002 Generator is the main component. After I produce the instrumental, I take a 2 hour trip to Detroit to record at a studio. After I get my sessions, I bring it back home, mix it down to a track and send it off to our in house mastering engineer.
Albums / Re: "The 2econd Coming! Six Wings of Glory" EP.
September 22, 2009, 09:38:55 PM
For y'all. Of course I will.
Albums / "The 2econd Coming! Six Wings of Glory" EP.
September 21, 2009, 09:19:02 AM
As promised I'd let the masses here preview my promotional EP before it hits the masses online this Wednesday. The songs are:
Wet Panties
Morning Star
Out Da Cosmos
World War 3

I'll have the lyrics for them soon. Check it out.
And I know a lot of y'all have no idea about some of things I'm talking about in here. I copied this from my myspace blog.

I'd like to thank DJ Omnimaga for introducing me to this fine piece of software.

Let's run down the history of this fantastic software that has helped erect an empire that is on the cusp of greatness:

1999: I first get introduced to this software via my cousin DLB aka Captain Kidd. I like the number of instruments it has and the easy to use "sequencer" so I pick it up and get to work, creating VGM fare such as Vigilante Strike.

2000: I refine my skills with the PSX version some more by creating Vigilante Strikes 1-6. I also try my hand at making a few rap instrumentals to expand my composition abilities with it.

2001: I've done a lot of VGM music with this. Vigilante Strikes 1-6, Vigilante Strike: Judgement Day and a redo or what I call "RMX" of VS: The Hostage Crisis (the first Vigilante Strike). I start composing more rap instrumentals to try and integrate it into the studio when I was working at Ghetto Records at the time. Staplez of Bedlam, at the time mentioned he had it as well and thought it could be used to make beats with if used right (no I didn't get the idea to do that from Me and Ghetto Records part ways and I strike out on my own.

2002: I sign with Fallen Entertainment and begin work on Sins of An Angel. Since I don't have the equipment I had at Ghetto Records at my disposal to compose songs, I use the Generator to do it (luckily for me I've had practice putting together rap beats with it beforehand, so the transition isn't that hard for me). I complete Sins of An Angel, The October Game (Hunting Season) and the beat disc for the OG Pale Horse. Later that year I sign with Psy and a few of you know the rest from there.

2003: Hunting Season drops. Let's leave it at that. I make the transition from PSX to PC, still using the Generator to do my music with. I complete Pale Horse: Night of the Living Dead and lay out the foundation for the tweener EP "Kama Sutra: Sex Education 101" (replaced by The Great Stairwell). All of 2003, I spend time trying to learn how to mix on my own and improve my abilities with the Generator. Idecide to can Pale Horse and focus on Soul of the Beast. At year's end I sign with Deviant Productions.

2004: I complete Soul of the Beast, Annihilation and The Haunt of Fear RMX'd. I'm getting better at composition in the Generator and it's rigidness in music is slowly disappearing.

2005: Perhaps one of my biggest and best years next to 02 and 06, I spend a lot of time trying to crack some composition problems with the Generator. I'm working on Pale Horse: Requiem For the Twilight Huntsman and release the single "Flies" and an accompanying trailer.

2006: I complete the prototype to the Lionheart EP and at the year's end found the first crack in the composition problem with the Generator. It's really early in it's stages, but it gets the job done. I once again can Pale Horse cause it didn't meet my expectations.

2007: I complete Haunt of Fear 2, The Lionheart EP and began laying groundwork for Kokoro no Raion: Za Tentei Tsurugi. I simultaneously work on Pale Horse: Requiem For Lost Souls and spend the better part of the year trying to improve my mixing and music composition.

2008: I concentrate on Pale Horse, renaming the subtitle to "Requiem For the Darkness," and work on my mixing. I implemented free roaming composition into the generator even more, but it's not without it's price due to how cumbersome and unprecise it is. I also get introduced to a life changing way of mixing that has improved my mixes ten-fold. I put Pale Horse on pause waiting for the arrival of my new computer at year's end.

2009: I go back into Pale Horse with a fresh outlook and renewed since of knowledge on how to make the new system of mixing work. IT WORKS!! I also through a strange epiphany find away to do free roaming composition IN the Music Generator that was previously unheard of. Using BOTH new systems that arrived back to back, I began cranking out projects that normally before, would have taken me a LOT of time to complete. In the span of 2 and a half months I finish projects or my contribution to them.

And today my upgrade arrives in the mail after 3 weeks of anticipation. It was only made available in Europe and luckily someone on E-Bay had it up for sale at a cheap price. Well I tooled around with it and let me say it's essentially the Generator, but with a more feel smooth interface. Navigation feels a lot more smooth although Vista is being a bastard again. I fix that problem already and look forward to delivering Pale Horse in it's full on glory hopefully by the end of the year. Hell, the composition of it won't be anything at all. It's just recording the vocals for it and the mixdown phase. But I promise you that if I can complete 3 different projects in a 2 month span, one dedicated project won't be a problem.

But let me say goodbye to a wonderful friend after a decade of faithful (and sometimes NOT so faithful) service:

And say hello to it's replacement. Hopefully it will give me a new decade of faithful service till either Jester Interactive or Codemasters makes a new version that will be ON the PC:

Well hope you like what I create in this new version. Even though it's not "officially" called "MTV Music Generator" I will STILL refer to it as such, just tack on 2002, since it's pretty much made by the same people who made the first one. So there you have it.

Let's see what this monster can do for Pale Horse, The Great Stairwell, The Haunt of Fear 3 and beyond. Later.

V Sinizter

Most def. Just waiting to get them back. I'm anxious to hear out it's gonna come out. I'll more than likely debut the whole EP here first.