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Not sue if this is the right section...could be classed as hip hop too.
Breakdance track, oldskool style with a future twist.
Found a nice clean break,imported it. Knocked it up in about 2 hours, and im really pleased with it.
Theres a few dropouts(?) but nothing major.
Im gonna add some vocoder vox later on for an even more electro sound,but here's the instrumental.
Enjoy B-Boys!

Created on music2000 ps. Old outboard compressor used to get that 'punch'

youtube :-

192kbps mp3 below
Its here at last!
My addition to irndemons Metal Skeleton series
Made on Music2000 with a few extra special techniques used :)

Youtube :-

'Making of' vid youtube :-   if you want to know how the track it was made.

320kbps mp3 below.
Yes Yes Yes! Im buzzing me brains out. :) Found a tune today on a card i thought id lost years ago.
Bit of a trance banger i made,i think around 2002. Just spent tonight tweaking it. Got a bit indulgant but had to hack it down to 9 mins!(il call it the 12" mix) oops he he :)

Hope you like. My first trance tune posted on timgul!
'Elemental Machines' created on Music2000 ps1

128kbps mp3:-

320kbps mp3:-
This tune i did in 2001. I played this out djing but used to drop a cool accapella over it. Cant find the vinyl(il post a vid on YT when i do)
Anyways,inspired by chicago house,and new york garage scenes.
Its a bit repetitive but imagine a soul chick screamin her lungs out over it, and you get the idea.
Hopefuly it'l make ya dance!

Created on Music 2000 ps1.

Ok ,found the vinyl(s), now posted on yt, with 2 cheeky vocal mixes :) 

Original mix :-

Turn me out mix :-

Get enough mix :-
Drum & Bass / Sick! Drum n Bass Nu-Skool style
January 11, 2009, 07:56:14 PM
My first brand new track of 2009.
Drum and Bass nu skool with swing/triplet sections (something hard to do in 'music2000' as there is no shuffle/syncapation button!),think 'Subfocus' / 'Andy C'
Created on MUSIC 2000 PS1.
Hope you like.

You tube:-

320kbps mp3:-

128kbps mp3 below.
Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / Music Box Nightmare
January 04, 2009, 02:11:30 PM
A haunting track that tells the story of a childs bad dream.
It goes techno in the middle(think dave angel/dj rolando)

Created with Music2000 under my other name 'Weapons Division'.
Skewed filter effects at beginning and end put in real time with boss unit.

mp3 quality not great(128) Encoder added some clicks and pops so youtube best for sound.
Digging through my mem cards and found this.Think i made it around 2000/2001.
It's my take on the very famous classical piece 'Canon in D major' by 'Johann Pachelbel' written in 1680 (no copyright probs there then!)
I remember it took me bloody ages to get it all together,and nearly cried when i heard it again after all these years!
Created on Music2000 on ps1.

So chill out,take in,and enjoy.

Title:- 'Canon' - Out Of The Cold Mix
Artist:- Stone Cold

As Serious As Your Life(Four Tet) Stone Cold RMX

Oldkool break style 106 bpm.
Ok, i used a whole mem card just with the sample and built the track around it in a few hours.
Hope you like.

Made using music2000, Outputs from ps into old 90's phonic compressor,recorded and mastered with boss br recorder.

Added 8th feb 08
Youtube link:-
First track posted here! Brand new instrumental. No rapper(yet!)Produced under my production name 'Weapons Division' using MUSIC2000. The vocal sample at the begining was made with win speach, and a 1 sec waldorf blofeld sample was also used. Mastered and eq'd in audio lab. Excuse the sound quality but 128kbps was the only upload option as any higher would have taken me over 6mb.

Hope you like.
Introductions / Hi everyone! im new here.
October 26, 2008, 01:54:54 AM
Just stumbled uppon this site. I thought i was the only one left using music 2000!  :D
Im from the uk,and have used 'music 2000' for 9 years.I use prof music production apps like reason and ablive,but keep coming back to 'music' for ease of use and just makes me more creative when using the limited sample set.

Got 'MUSIC' on ps1 when it came out,then got 'MUSIC2000' also on ps1. Then got 'mtv music generator2' for ps2 and hated it (plays down,not across) thought 'Music 3000' for ps2 was going to be cool but couldnt get on with the interface.(great sounds though).
Also have 'Music2000' for pc which is great but always crashes when i try to sample edit or import samples from a cd,though have got round this prob by editing own samples in audicity/cool edit then importing them.Still freezes up now and x probs i think. Exporting to wav is also hit and miss.. sometimes there is pops and clicks which when zoomed in,in a wave editor,the 'pops' are actualy bits missing from the wave.

The best for me has to be music2000 ps1. In the early days,i wired up 1 controller to 2 playstations(and tv's) so i could sync record the outputs from both ps1's (say 1 made to play beats run through an effect processor/compressor,and the other to play the synth stuff) all plugged through my dj mixer.-cd burner (i didnt have a computer then!) The other advantage of this system was polyphony. when you load up the ps with say more than 8 or 10 tracks, the sound suffers with samples dropping out or that one string note would jump out no matter what volume you set it.
Have about 25 memory cards full of tracks.
I now have a ps3 which i continue to use music2000,though now i have the optical audio out plugged into my edirol sound card to get my tracks to pc,or into my boss br recorder.
Sorry if i bored you! Looking forward to hearing your stuff,and ill upload some of my (music2000 only) tracks.
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