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Experimental/Other / Corner Stone
February 24, 2009, 09:24:44 AM

Yeah, I know, a lot of uploads today. Just did this song a little while ago, actually. It's called "Corner Stone". Went for kind of an eerie sound...hope you guys like it!
Experimental/Other / Do as you Wish
February 24, 2009, 08:00:35 AM
I don't know what the hell Dana was thinking when she did this track. That is me with the opening bit. In case your wondering, I call her my "bunny rabbit" as a pet name. In all honesty, we were a bit under the influence as you might say.

I have no idea where the talking bits came from, except that was my laugh.

And yeah, I'm just sorting through some really rare stuff now, posting some tracks I completely forgot about. This was started in 2002, hence the bad tape hiss (old cassette).
Experimental/Other / Untitled Theme Song
February 24, 2009, 07:26:06 AM

I intended this to be the music you would hear in the DVD menu for an anime DVD. A little poppier than what I normally do, but wrote it just for that purpose. Or maybe it would make a good title screen music for an RPG.

Hope you like it!
Experimental/Other / Possibilites
February 19, 2009, 08:04:10 AM

Hope you guys like this one. My wife did almost the whole thing, and I added the beat.
My wife Dana, myself, and our friend Raymond have been making music together using MG2 for almost 8 years now (!) and have shared our music on the web during that time (first on and later on Soundclick). During that time, we've gotten some really good reviews, and had a couple of #1 songs on soundclick. That said, I've been getting frustrated as I've begun entering  our songs in competitions recently and have yet to get past the 1st round. I know our music is not commercial in any sense (and we like it that way), and we're more experimental, but sometimes I wonder if we should try to go for a more "pop" route. I've been writing music now for almost 20 years (since I was 11), and music's my life. I want to begin to start selling our music, but these recent failures have caused me to rethink this whole thing.

Do you ever get frustrated to the point where you think "why even bother"?
Other Music related Discussion / Soundclick
December 08, 2008, 07:12:44 AM
Who here posts their music on soundclick? If so, how has your music done on the charts?

I haven't seen enough people on soundclick that I know use any of these programs that I know of.  But I'd rank the music I've heard here with the best I've heard there, easily.
Hardcore / Slay Ride
November 28, 2008, 07:12:18 AM
Christmas will never be the same again.
I wrote this song in 1989 when I was 11 years old. I kept this melody in my head for years and years and finally transcribed it into sheet music in 1998 when I was in college and recorded this in 2002 with MG2. It's kind of a Nintendo sounding song in parts and doesn't sound like anything you may expect from a Fear 2 Stop song, because really it isn't. It's a "Billy Castillo" song. When I was a kid I always used to daydream about writing music and my dream was to one day write music for video games. I hope you guys like it as it is an important song to me. I have made a cd full of songs written from 1989-1990 and recorded in 2002, and I kinda wish I could still write like this. Its funny, but the first group of songs I wrote was for a concept album! Go figure. One day I'll post the whole thing here as a WinZip file. I'm actually kinda nervous about posting it though since it's so close to my heart. It's an old tape so there's a couple of parts where the tape cuts out. I cleaned it up the best I could in Adobe Audition though.
Experimental/Other / Running
November 23, 2008, 05:41:58 AM
My wife did this song "Running".

I really like the beat on this. See how many samples you can name! Also, I like how the song kind of slows down in the middle. There are 3 of us in Fear 2 Stop, myself, Dana, and our friend Raymond. Normally the three of us will write together, but Dana did this song by herself. I just came home one day from work and she already had it finished and mixed.
Experimental/Other / Spiralin' Down
November 23, 2008, 04:50:54 AM

My wife & I just finished this track. Hope you like it!
Experimental/Other / Diabetes
October 24, 2008, 03:33:29 AM

Another track made by my wife & I. Here's a fun fact... the reason why my voice sounds weird on this track is because I said the word "diabetes", then reversed it. I took the reversed version, and said it the way it sounded reversed, and then reversed it back, meaning now it was unreversed but sounds robotic. Maybe it'll make more sense hearing it, dunno.

Anyway, hope you like it!
Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / Perpetrator
October 01, 2008, 01:15:54 AM

Just finished this song a few days ago...hope you guys like it! 
Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / Boomerang
September 03, 2008, 03:36:06 AM

Mainly done by my wife, although I helped out in parts.
Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / Mystery
July 05, 2008, 06:34:11 AM

Don't really know what category to put this in, but experimental sounds as close as I can think of.
Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / Rollin'
June 30, 2008, 05:45:56 PM

Probably one of the fastest songs we've ever done. Good to listen to after a rail or three.


Seriously, though, hope you guys like this.
Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / Smokin'
June 30, 2008, 07:49:59 AM

Guess what we were doing when we did this song...? You can definitely tell, too. I'm especially proud of my bassline...sounds like something from an old Disney cartoon.
Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / The Napkin Fairy
June 15, 2008, 03:15:07 AM

Went for a bit more of a dance-type song, with the typical Fear 2 Stop strangeness thrown in.
Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / Deadline
June 07, 2008, 05:37:50 PM
Here's a song I'm still working on. What's different about this is that I used Digital Hitz Factory (aka Music 3000), whereas everything else pretty much has been with MG2.
House/disco / Secrets & Lies
June 06, 2008, 07:25:11 AM
My wife & I did this track.

Started off as a cover of the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations", but right after I the bassline, my wife got an idea to do a completely different track around that.

Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / Gondola of the Dead
May 31, 2008, 06:45:24 PM

Interesting fact... the zombie sound was actually one of the vocal tracks from Funk Flex himself, and I messed around with it in the sample editor and the pitch shifter. I made the mandolin sound by using time stretch and putting a loop point in one the the samples.
Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / Givin' In
May 30, 2008, 05:14:29 PM

This is a track that my wife & I did together. Well, she actually did most of it. I just did the panning, the beat, and editing the samples. All of these are custom made riffs, and we made good use of the pitch shifter.
Introductions / Greetings!
May 30, 2008, 07:13:37 AM
Hey everybody... my name's Billy, and I've been using this series starting with MG1 on the PS. My wife, myself, and our friend use MG2 mainly (although occasionally use DHF) to make music and upload songs to our website.

Glad to see there is a forum for this, esp since this one looks like it's active. I was on another site a few years ago, and it petered out (same with the GameFaqs forum).