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WOAH! Good idea, I have a week off but I don't think that would be long enough. Should be a lot of fun!

I go for the mixes at first as there are normally loads of tracks i've missed, new members = new tunes. Been a lot of new members recently. Go TIMGUL.
February 27, 2009, 01:06:19 AM
Before I upload mine I will listen to each tune, plus watch the first movie again. Played safe in the end and went with nasty five synth but have 27 loaded samples. Got a great sounding snare. lovin' this series!  :D

Ditched the light version but have it saved for Judgment day...maybe...

Whole tune length 13m47. Finshed version around 4m.
Techno/Trance- STARWOOSH (Pillage my Village) click views 3rd in list.
Yeah its sounding like a bit of a mess at the moment  :D

10m45 of noise. Will hopefully sort it out, got some good samples. Lots of fun though, isn't stonecold doin' a mix too?

Hopefully mine should be done in a week.

small sample of 1 bass line is here

BeatDownVStheNasty sample. Might work, quite evil. Need to think of the title aswell  ???
Thanks for the comment, Don't expect too much from the follow ups. Good in places but need a sound update and cutting down in length. Will attack them at some point, my friend is doing some more drawings aswell! Nice  :D
Ended up here from the 'How did you get yr name' topic. But as i'm here, when you say you used different reverb. Question- Does that mean you can apply different reverb to each individual riff? Or is that note effect? I just apply the reverb from the start below the channels. Add stuff in note effect too.

I'll be back....
February 25, 2009, 10:43:07 PM
Likin' it cheers!
Thanks for the link will check asap, JCW, made a kinda Metal skeleton tune. Will listen to it back for volume, may have to look back through the Timgul Instruments and change a couple. Definitely my style, more of a rescue scene that dark death. We'll see? Need to get me sample too. MetalVSNasty.
I know has a few need updating, I will sort it. Loads to add, nice to have a funky playlist.
Good Samples- Choral works really nice, sub square/rhode bell  ;D
cool, will defo try choral..syn string seems to be king. Tryin' to create some metal skeleton madness.

very helpful topic  :D
Drum'n'Bass- Metal skeleton series..Various artists
Idea, people could still put their 3 favourite tracks on their introduction page, then maybe have a Recommendations topic to compliment?

I remembered I started one ages ago

Sounds good as long as yr talking back catalogue too, lot of writing taking place.

If it can be done perhaps.  ???
Cool, download has begun after another error message plus I got 2 pop ups for gambling sites!!

Thats 1 thing with external sites..pop ups, not to worry, stick this on me phone for later..400kB/sec Lovin'

Glad you guys had a fun time, look forward to more mixes!  :D

Oh and wheres my free Ableton link huh????
No no yr both fine, just being silly. I can manage fine, it only actually affects green/grey with me. No bother.

Reverbnation is good for widgets JCW, you could arrange yr tunes into albums there maybe? If you can be arsed, My bud has a sweet set up! Stuck them on his myspace, he has 3 widgets..FUNKY!

Go to yr page and click widgets. FUN!
New cap is great, lots more freedom..

Also would love to see the mixes in the mix section, still got a couple to blast! Lovin'
Cool, think I must've dreamed some1 singing those lyrics then? I can picture a LARGE lady for some reason.

Bizarre..lovin' the mp3 btw.
Damn  :o

Lovin' the side A side B, was that a cassette release....  ;)

Will have to get more of ya vids in me playlist. Big thumbs up!!

Serious bout the colour though, I'm shade blind, (is a condition,) plus my screen is teeny tinny..  :D

Think Windows 2000 only has like 2 colours!!

lovin' the jokes. Very good, just spent like 30mins reading this post...back to the music..

Not sure if we really need moderators you know, as some1 else said. look through all the topics and theres probly like 2-3 incidents...not many when there is 10,000 posts +

Omni is a legend where this site is mentioned, let him run it, maybe future changes could be put by people? Just start a new TOPIC. IDEA ON A CHANGE TO THE SITE or something similar...I remember ages a go a problem with viewing YT videos so it was said can we post mp3 aswell as YT link, cool, no worries. Keep the site for everyone to view tunes. Most people have external links to their music i.e Showcase, if you wanna hear someones music but can't, ask them to post in a more friendly format.

I think being honest is always a good thing, constructive criticism is key.. But if you are better than me then how can I help? I always appreciate feedback, most of my tunes ,(if not all,)need work thats why they never get completed  :D

MUSIC2000 is FUN  :D

Next lot of tunes I listen to I will be honest, lets see what offence to any1, I have listened to all the tunes in Dnb,(my fave,) part from maybe 2..think I enjoyed them all, maybe a couple of samples I don't like, good to hear people using samples you know you can use too..we can all help each other..

Man my trance sucks! Will leave to the pro's  >:(

driving force- 1 star
one man band- 1 star
exile 2008 (Update)- 1 star  :'(
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