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Drum & Bass / Second Vault of tunes begins 2009
January 30, 2009, 08:42:31 PM
New tunes attached to this post

World Communication- (5m08)- Still needs a lot of work but the foundation is there, loads of new parts so be loading this up quite often.

New video has been uploaded, will be the start of the final version...I think...

Blazing...2009- (3m40) New project started, had the old Blazing still saved so added reverb to existing sounds plus new melodies and rhythms, same structure as the original. Soon after writing this I went back to it and made a NEW Video. (Different from mp3.)

The arc hysoo- (2m53) This was originally created July '08,a reworkin' of 'Chaos Theory' Like the ideas behind it, needs more.

The Youtube Vid-

Mp3 files corrupted so removed, videos are still live.
Drum & Bass / Re: Sick! Drum n Bass Nu-Skool style
January 12, 2009, 11:14:58 PM
Big tune! You are making a metal skeleton tune?? Excellent!!

I made a tune ages ago, 'The Bouncer' slightly similar in rhythm, but very simple..need to update! Be cool if you did make more dnb  :D
Drum & Bass / Re: World Communication- Spread the MUSIC
January 12, 2009, 11:12:18 PM
Yeah I like the feeling at the start, still to update but it should sound better. Thanks for the listen  8)
Yeah, glad I remembered it. Decent sound too, loads of 'em so plenty to try out. I shall try a little bit. FUN!
NEW BREAK SAMPLES ADDED. Around 2mins worth of BIG Beats.

Will be uploading those breaks asap. I love some of the synths when you alter sample start. NICE  :D
You like the show 'friends' Chandlers CLAW lol

Yeah sometimes with beats I use 1 'gruff' sample and 1 'punchy' sample to get different sounds I guess I do the same with snares. Will definitely try out the trimming, read the piece on the MUSIC2000 samples. Mad! When I have a go if I get stuck expect messages  :D

Is the trimming basically a more advanced note sample start process?
In the game when I start a tune- Bpm set to 178, Reverb set to ROOM(around 20 for both options) and the volume for the whole tune at 80,(thanks to DJ Omnimaga.)
thankyou thankyou, only taken me 8 months or so from the original version then another 4 wks from the remix to come up with a shortened version  :D quite lame.

Yeah used loads of snare samples and hats, I think hi eq was used as a rolling style snare along with various hats filling in gaps & creating their own rhythms. Still practising really. Think my fave bit is from 1m27 pretty simple, may change it around & have this at the start. Used reverb lots and plenty of notes! Didn't add more notes in the repeat box though just reverb & volume/envelope.
December 24, 2008, 06:37:59 PM
Uploaded short video version until I finish this tune, sounds ok. BASS might need turning down a little.

Is an extended opening really, more of everything!

Hope you like....

Yeah I should've listened b4 putting up. Oh well breaks will be seperate, lot's of 'em. Will need chopping.
Some of the Bass samples r pretty large  :D
Really  ??? oops must've cut them off. Will check & add.

Uploading Contremorph video (Short ver 3m)
Cool, up for some of the breaks! ENJOY  :D
Drum & Bass / Over 25 samples available for use! (mp3)
December 23, 2008, 09:27:37 PM
Over 25 samples available for use! (mp3)

Got some external samples that can be ripped and used in MUSIC2000 perhaps some others in the series. Either by using AUDACITY or copying to CD feel free to listen and take what you want. 2mins worth of continual samples, if the quality is bad or you need a paticular sample then I can upload again/seperate. Anyway loads of different breaks/beat/bass & riff samples are included. 2 different downloads, 1st is BASS/RIFF samples 2nd is BREAKS/DRUMS. BIG Thanks to my friend for giving me the CD, check out his pages to listen to some of these samples being used.  

Well worth a peek, he started out with MUSIC2000 but has sadly upgraded  :(  He has some MUSIC2000 tunes on his page though  :D

Samples available to download
USING PS2, big one. RUNNING MUSIC2000 the wire you get with console.
My way is really different, think I posted b4 but my pc box plays through stereo speakers,(2 sound wires in stereo RED/WHITE and 1 wire YELLOW in TV.)  AUX out plug,(STEREO.) in headphones jack to pc. Record in AUDACITY. Output volume 1.0 input volume 0.2 play at about 1/2 VOL on stereo until it sounds ok. RECORD.

But i don't think my mp3's r perfect speak to Darkbliss or Bass launch
Bet this was an arse ache to create, Bloody brilliant though. Good work  :D
Will upload what I have soon, still no breaks over this melody bit. Sound was lost amongst the melodies when I did have some beats. Got a 5min tune, this part is in the middle of the track. 170bpm going to 176.

cheers for the comment

Drum & Bass / NEW SAMPLE TO 2009 version- Tellus 09
December 20, 2008, 09:52:29 PM
Tellus 09- Sample added to the Vault.
Other interests / Re: YouTube Videos
December 20, 2008, 09:14:22 PM
This is about youtube videos so I thought i'd post here, not recording info. I have been updating my playlists and on my home page is the list of the Dnb playlist I created 1 through 40. Over 160 tunes to hammer out. Also have other various cool tunes, loads of oldies of all types. Click the link to my youtube page to check it out. Great for insperation, listening to MUSIC.

For all my lastest MUSIC2000 creations check out my new topic 'the Vault' found in the dnb MUSIC section

Merry Christmas
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