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i don't have a soundcloud account yet but i think i'm gonna get one-firstly i do full length sets in trance electro and other dance genres alsobecause i'm planning to make some full length all original sets with jeskola buzz and mixed in vdj soon-don't know if i can figure out how to embed the code here but i'm sure i can get some help-thx nan   casper
House/disco / Re: reach inside(electro house)(2009)
October 16, 2010, 04:44:54 AM
thx bga and thx joe-i really appreciate that-i look forward to mixing up some more of your excellent melodic trance on the next renegades mix.bga  cheers from casper
really glad u have full access now joe-i like this layout-one thing in particular i just noticed is that on the profiles you click show posts-the under that is posts,attachments,and topics-every attachment i have on the forum was there-easy to find my songs(both music generatior and other software tracks)and my dj mixes-i think everyone else is gonna like the upgrade too               thx omni                     casper
if you guys wish-i will continue the artist of the week til rob gets better-i want to continue to honor the cool ppl on this site-best wishes rob                                                 casper
House/disco / Re: reach inside(electro house)(2009)
October 05, 2010, 12:40:35 AM
lol dutch-thanks for the comment and thx nhacdjsvn for copying a fine opinion lol   casper(or a bot perhaps)
thx zodiac-really lookin forward to that mix,bro n yer ep-halloween is my fave holiday:-D     casper
diggin this-love that funky bass sound and that percussion is spot on-i wanna hear more man                 casper
lovin this-really creative editing on the guitar riffs-really lookin forward to hearing the whole track m8-keep it goin    casper
Experimental/Other / Re: Transcend
September 27, 2010, 01:38:03 AM
sorry i missed this-the voxlike pads remind me of a group called art of noise-particularly a song called moments in love-i would decribe this sound-as ethereal as the bass gives a feeling of depth-your sound always bring to my mind vivid imagry of fantasy lanscapes and kalidoscopic color patterns when i close my eyes-i truly envy your skills at production-u don't use any cheats-u have a brilliant technical mind-great track man   casper
let me be the first to say there is noone else deserving of a little recognition that u rob-your music is truly amazing and inspiring to me-everyone here who is active will eventually be an artist of the week-we need your music here everyone thanks for making this site great rob   cheers to u sir    casper
thx for the listen and the comment-yes i want to make more music like this-i made this song really quick-basically i got the idea in my head about the poltergeist samples-did a web search and found the samples-i downloaded the samples and found i had to reconvert them with format factory because they would not play in the sampler-this was ez to fix-then i made the 303 parts which was fairly simple and added reverb effects presets and some eq presets-the i loaded a prest templat of breakbeat mods(drum parts)-so far with buzz i have assembled a kit thats like music generator in that i have twaekable premade parts if i wish to use them and alos several thousand instrument presets in native virtual synths-also i have complete sample capability-a giant collection of drumloops of various genres and a sample collection called the triton collection that is very similar to the sample library in music generator-ever sound i can make with synths or sample can be routed easily thru effects machines like reverb phasers eq pitch shifters filters dolby surround emulation delay distortion u name it i have collected hundreds-all i really need to make a passble track is a couple hours and a sinle bassline n arp and a good drumloop-i'm pretty amazed at how ez it is-if i made more complex music i would have more crash isues but if i keep it simple i can make all kinds of stuff   cheers casper
thx dutch rikk n rob-looking forward to the next great artist of the week-please check out my new track-a song with poltergeist move samples-i'd really love a comment please   ty              casper
Albums / Re: Bass Blasts from the Past - 2 CD Collection
September 26, 2010, 01:42:11 AM
just got disc 1 rob-getting disc 2 soon-thx for puttting all yer historic bass tracks up-not only is the music creative and stimulating your technical work is innovative and awe inspiring      rock on man casper
here is a raw breakbeat/acid track i just made in jeskola buzz with samples from the movie poltergeist-drums are hamst3r dnb tracker mods acid synths are climax 313 and oomek agressor 303 with bdsys peercntrl lfo controlling cutoff-enjoy                casper
thx for the kind words dutch,sir-i like the heart analogy a lot,of course-we did have a penis at one time(wink)but he got hard,and was ejaculated from the forum lol-just kiddin                                        casper
thx for that comment rik-really means a lot to me m8-thank you to rob and everyone for the props and kind words-this is a great musical family we got here-if we stick together and help each other out that makes this more than a forum-it becomes a home

join me here daily for my dj sets or to just chill with the gang of clubrats
Other interests / Re: Hiatus.
September 19, 2010, 07:37:57 PM
hi j-sorry to hear about the problems you are having-but never for a minute let yourself think your music is not valid-your music is fantastic and in the end remember your music is your legacy-it may not get attention right this second but as long as it stands -a part of your heart and soul remains to inspire that one person who need to hear it-in the end all the attention and praise in the world do not equal the power of one song to make some one feel your intent-the music is personal and for anyone to share it with us s a gift-i wish u peace and hope that u can progress and fix your stuff-ur an extremely talented musician j-don't give up      casper
i wanted this really bad i must admit-i'm really happy and honored ty                               casper
my song change yourself was predominantly made in mtv mg but i used magix music maker to add my own vocals and a back kick and snare-it's only natural to do the hybrid thing cause it's fun