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Started by JCW, November 13, 2008, 08:05:22 PM

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to give away the secrets of my tunes...

for mtvmg2 -

kickdrum, the one and only... 'creamie' on C with 'headache' on C#.
for clap it could be anything from the human or snare section but always doubled up with 'televiz' from the photek section.
for high hat i use loads but nine bright remains my fav.
when building a loop always use a variety of hihats, changing offsets and adding maybe some tams (really lifts the treble) along with some shakers form the world section. dribble from the cymbal section adds alot.

bass, always, always 'sinetime bass' (absolute monster on all octaves) maybe combined with 'dancer' and or 'phattening' (of course always change the offset).

melody... a match made in heaven is 'choral' with 'sizzlelead'. absolutly perfect! wait until you hear my new tunes... ive canned this sound but my god it really gets you... perfect for trance.
'digi filter', 'sinewave', 'funky c4' and 'softkey c4' are great for little hooks... i always use russian 2 for any piano i use...

and lastly, for strings i use the superb 'synstring c4', 'static synth', 'ophone', 'choral' and 'juno'.

all of these samples will feature in my new tunes and asap i will include a little demo/tutorial of how i make my tunes and everything that use...  :)


Haha yeah Choral is one of my favs too, damn straight it's heaven. Thanks for revealing the secrets lol can't wait to hear the new stuff!


damn never knew this topic exsisted lol, ill post some later aswell


Secrets secrets secrets..

For some of my Metal Skeleton Tunes,

Kickdrum: Floorit4
Hats: Elechit
Snare: Edgehitter, Rockhat

I'll look up the others later lol


They are samples from mtvmg2 or music 3000,exept floorit 4 & rockhat that are in m2k also.Are they in the pc version of m2k ?
I used the 2 edgehitter samples alot for dnb in mtvmg2,....especially the "Heavier" sounding one  :)

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Here are the samples used for 'Beat DownVSthe NASTY' Extended '09 REMIX  :D

10 minute tune with 24 samples. Some very strange sounding ones but might be good for future use?


mean stuff


hard gate
ultra gate
perky studio




Well hard
fuzz lead
nasty five
squealer 2


sub square


good snick
dry close
nine choral
high ride
low sticks

link for 'Beat Down' video

link for 10m mp3


Not a Number

I've noticed that Choral is pretty much an ideal sample for any melody. It just has a great sound whatever note it's in.
I've used it at both Octave 3 and Octave 6 (6 being the highest) and it sounds just fine in all of them without it sounding... well, off, which a lot of samples do (I don't know how MadnessXXI can get chugg06 and longchugg02 to sound like that, because it sounds horrendous when I input the notes in. :-/)

As for bass, I use both Bowow and Black Buzz C.

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my percussion is usually just variations of pre made riffs i use boosted and hardcore 1 a lot in kick drums.my arps are usually done with digi filter in hard/melody in 11khz in the 3rd and 2nd octaves very cool computer blip noise,i also use lfo lead in arps but to make the sound i move the saple postion to around 120-300,u get some awesome sounds that way.my strings are simple i use syn string in soft/melody and i often use octave echo fx.my fave bass samples are jubass(all of them)dancer and many others,when using guitar i like clean jangle 7.it's a very gothic sounding sample.i'll try to think of some more examples                            casper
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cool, will defo try choral..syn string seems to be king. Tryin' to create some metal skeleton madness.

very helpful topic  :D

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Trying to remember off the top of my head...

Here are some of my favorite samples to use, obviously not all in the same song:

Kick: Nineteen, Deluded Tom, Heart
Hi-hat: 808 closed, light closed. I never use open hats, as I hate the sound. Dana uses them occasionally
Snare- Curt, kraft ring, 909 snare 1, short snap, tinny.
bass- B Slide (good if you want to emulate Primus), sub square, sub sine
for the melody- Twilight (prob. my most used melody instrument). Rhode Bell (for my earlier stuff). sinewave.
Others: froggy, 808 tom, distort, tabla low
Fear 2 Stop are: Billy Castillo (me), Dana Castillo (my wife) Raymond Proseus (best friend)http://www.soundclick.com/fear2stop

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Good Samples- Choral works really nice, sub square/rhode bell  ;D


Super tight, crunch funk, Heart, 808's > 909's, gated sticks, ha ha ha, list is too long. i cant recall the names but my muscle memory knows where everything in mtvmg1 is!
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The way I've got the really "grungy" sound on Unjustified Infiltration is from a mixture of Choral and Alternate, each of them panned 50% into each speaker. Set default reverb on them, turn the riff volume down to about 060 and you get some real dirty sounds at Octave 4-5, but a nice clean sound at Octave 6. Also I used fifth chords a few times as well.

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