Contremorph- Chopped up version/sound test mp3 + NEW VIDEO of Remix '09

Started by 147 crew, November 25, 2008, 01:44:49 AM

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147 crew

Been wanting to update this tune for a while, kept some of the same Bass lines but added a new 16 bar melody with loads of extra/different percussion. 2m30 sound test of a chopped up free flowing version. Thanks to irndemon for putting up loads of samples, good reference points if ya stuck  :D

I adjust the volume slightly during playback, only 1 notch at a time. Beat might be out of control  ???



wow mate that woz amazin, i liked the bass alot, do u make your own vids aswell on music 2000??, ive two days till i get this game


Yeah....Nice one :D,I like the way you give some of the synths you use that harsh sawtooth type sound,Sounds like you might have used HARDER....... or Buzzer,not sure.Ive always avoided using buzzer more than any other in the game,Probably coz i never knew how to tame it!lol
I especially liked the bit towards the end where there is just the drums & bass,The bass line in this bit was wicked!
What reverb setting was used on this bit?


Wow great work 147 Crew, especially loving the intro.

147 crew

Thanks for the views  :D

I don't make my own videos due to the fact I dont have WMM and I'm not sure what else I can do 'til I get a webcam anyway.

I do like gritty synths, using HARDER. Good sample, BUZZER is very Harsh. May try it out, i'm sure I probably have used it sometime before. Same Reverb as always on this one ROOM, 30 for both stats. Had the Big BASS part with drums in the original, needed sorting out though. The rest was too nice. Whole intro is new, well the melody along with changed percussion of the same samples. Still finishing the Full version. Pretty Loud tune  :D

Thanks again. Used fazer too, Nice BIG Sound! (only in one place in this mp3, short 8 bar melody.)

147 crew

Uploaded short video version until I finish this tune, sounds ok. BASS might need turning down a little.

Is an extended opening really, more of everything!

Hope you like....


 :D Nice,Nice!Liking the bass and the harsh synth crazy sounds!Hihats and tabla percussion are quality.Theres one break in this track that starts at 0:44 .Sounds like some layered snares were used,Sounds like one of the samples starts just after the other,Either that or you intentionally done that in the note repeat box.Either way Good Tune!! =)

147 crew

thankyou thankyou, only taken me 8 months or so from the original version then another 4 wks from the remix to come up with a shortened version  :D quite lame.

Yeah used loads of snare samples and hats, I think hi eq was used as a rolling style snare along with various hats filling in gaps & creating their own rhythms. Still practising really. Think my fave bit is from 1m27 pretty simple, may change it around & have this at the start. Used reverb lots and plenty of notes! Didn't add more notes in the repeat box though just reverb & volume/envelope.


 :D Yeah,Somtimes when i layer snares one sounds like it starts slightly after the other,When this happened in the past, I used to use a different snare sample,......But now if this happens i just take the samples in question to the sample editor,And usually one of them has a gap before the waveform kicks in,Sometimes as much as 1.5 centimeters or so!!!!Some of the samples in this programme are not trimmed properly to start with!!!All i do is zoom in on the sample as far as it will go then trim it as close to the very start of the wave as i can get it,Sometimes even further,But always making sure that when i trim it i do it at a point where the squiggly line of the waveform meets the central horizontal line of the sample editor.Other wise you get clicks and pops.I use a similar tecnique when adding loop to a sample.If you just loop a sample and just place the loop point anywhere,you might end up with clicks and pops during playback that you hear when the play bar skips back to the loop point,So i usually zoom in and set the loop point at a position where the line of the waveform meets the central horizontal line,So that the end of the sample blends with the starting point of the loop.Good tecnique for trimming samples in general to avoid clicks'n'pops at the start and end of any sample.

Not lame!!! :D
Trim the start of them snare samples.....See the difference it makes!!!! :D

8 MONTHS AND 4 WEEKS!!!!!!Thats a seriously Looooooong time to be holding a pad for one tune!!How many hours really?

147 crew

You like the show 'friends' Chandlers CLAW lol

Yeah sometimes with beats I use 1 'gruff' sample and 1 'punchy' sample to get different sounds I guess I do the same with snares. Will definitely try out the trimming, read the piece on the MUSIC2000 samples. Mad! When I have a go if I get stuck expect messages  :D

Is the trimming basically a more advanced note sample start process?


 :D You can trim a sample so it starts at a different point,And is a more visible way to do so depending on the sample(vocals & imports).I use the sample start over time feature often over riffs depending on the samples i use,Good if you make a make a melody using a sound that changes its tone from start to end.Use it on my beats aswell sometimes.I watch the odd episode of freinds,Can't remember if i've seen chandlers CLAW. :)

147 crew


Will be uploading those breaks asap. I love some of the synths when you alter sample start. NICE  :D

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