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Started by 147 crew, December 11, 2008, 01:09:19 AM

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WOW!! Nice one,There is a few variations of the classic amen & funky drummer samples,And some other proper old funk break samples.
The old funk breaks are best for dnb & jungle coz they were played acoustic.Real Drum Patterns!!!!!!!!!Definitely be hearing these in my future tunes spliced up!!Thanks Alot!!!!!! :D

147 crew

Yeah, glad I remembered it. Decent sound too, loads of 'em so plenty to try out. I shall try a little bit. FUN!


Yeah, Sampling is great!Shame you don't get much time to record though and memory! 1 card per tune lol

147 crew

New tunes attached to this post

World Communication- (5m08)- Still needs a lot of work but the foundation is there, loads of new parts so be loading this up quite often.

New video has been uploaded, will be the start of the final version...I think...

Blazing...2009- (3m40) New project started, had the old Blazing still saved so added reverb to existing sounds plus new melodies and rhythms, same structure as the original. Soon after writing this I went back to it and made a NEW Video. (Different from mp3.)

The arc hysoo- (2m53) This was originally created July '08,a reworkin' of 'Chaos Theory' Like the ideas behind it, needs more.

The Youtube Vid-

Mp3 files corrupted so removed, videos are still live.


Nice!!..Quite chilled and melodic at the start with them halfstep beats,Cool rythms and percussion,Like the electro styled bassline.The drums after the drop could do with being a bit louder in the finished version though imo.Its going to be a cracker of a tune when its finished.

147 crew

thanks for the listen, just got back on the scene so be needing to pump out the tunes you've put up. Added a new video of what I have after the other finishes, spend some time on it soon. More samples

I have that PS2 game now for the Alien samples and hopefully other sounds I can use. Fun!

147 crew

ALAS, another tune has been Condemned. A 10m mix of 'Beat Down' Too many mad samples to be starting over, but, I have started a remix. Sample up soon.

The Vault's Condemned tunes are on page 2.

147 crew

Added a couple of tracks to the vault. the arc hysoo AND Beat DownVSthe Nasty sample which has been added to the main vault.

Pretty nice bass lines, arc hysoo is an older tune. Beat down is brand new remix..metal skeleton..

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