Jcw-Shuttle Landing-[Irndemon-Hardcore Junglist REMIX]**Available For Remixing**

Started by Irndemon, December 16, 2008, 11:52:14 PM

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 :D YAY Here is the long awaited...lol...Remix of jcw-shuttle landing,This mix actually came off the back of JCW-Shuttle Landing-Intelligent Mix.BIG THANKS to jcw for granting me permission.Nice One Mate!!!
Slightly Trancey Atmospheric 4x4 Jungle Techno/Hardcore Jungle.......LOL

mp3 download link:


Youtube video link:


WOW! I was actually dancing side to side in my chair, nodding my head and everything to this! Something I didn't even do with my original! I'm truely stunned Irndemon, you've really outdone yourself here especially since it was based on one of my tracks! The beat is absolutely amazing and the persistent melodies and the sub really bring it home. The genre of the track as well is a little unusual, but it is a rare and great style in my eyes and one I seem to lean towards every now and then with some of my tracks but never quite nail it. I'm so honoured and pleased you chose one of my tracks to remix and I think the final result is absolutely fantastic. Well done, give yourself a serious pat on the back. You've made my day mate! :D


 :D Cheers jc,I really wanted to use the sample AMBIKORDER for the melody but m2k doesnt have it,so i used the next best thing.
I tried to copy the melody from the original as much as i could and tried to keep the 4x4 hardcore jungle vibe aswell.Glad you like it mate!! :)

Casper AudioGhost

this ia fantastic!!!!!excellent collaboration and i must say an important track to show unity on this site.brilliant work gentleman                         casper
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 :D Cheers casper!! It turned out ok,Also forced a new style out of me=) Remixing is alot of fun.  ;D

147 crew

The Intelligent mix is only on YT yeah, (JCW version.) I listened to the mp3 files of shuttle landing, original and alternative.

Didn't have to download mp3 from that 4shared site. Just pressed play. Feeling that sub. NICE. Pretty rude mix, very jungle/hardcore..sweet  :D


Yeah 147 the Intelligent mix was a YT exclusive, people can access it through my channel if they're interested (link in my sig) whereas the other two were for TIMGUL.

And cheers Casper, the unity is what it's all about.


Cheers 147.....I like 4shared,bit like facebook but with download option :)

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