World Communication- Spread the MUSIC

Started by 147 crew, February 28, 2008, 03:13:39 PM

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147 crew

EDIT- 14/06/08 New mp3 added scroll down to find

TITLE- World communication (Spread the Music)
AUTHOR- 147 crew
FILETYPE- mp3 and video link
DESCRIPTION- Loaded up the skin I had for my tune HERO, Created this badboy, I did make the melody first, then cranked up the percussion and finished with BIG BASS!! Pretty simple, made it last night..samples I used available on my youtube vid..when it finishes uploading so far been 2 hours and still not done, didn't convert this one as the pic is cool..Cheers!!

NEW VIDEO VERSION- Added new beats and enhanced BASS, still pretty much the same though..also converted video with better sound, (I think.)


nice start. theres that awesome melody you always make!
very atmospheric.
i like how youve built this one up!
getting faster...
just when you think its gonna kick... not yet...
:lol: there we go! taking the roof off!!!
awesome bass.
wooowwweeeeee! im having this tune!!! recommended for the next timgul mix!
one of my favs from you so far!  :D  

147 crew

Yeah I think my favourite too, was so quick to make, probably 'cos its quite samey but I could listen to it all day, already added a KICK KICK SNARE KICK to the start of the tune up until the fast percussion kicks in, sounds much better..I reckon I could make a trance mix of this, slowed a bit with added/changes in melody..was humming at work, got some ideas..

Thanx for the comment, would be nice to have in the next mix I think my tunes in the last one sounded a little odd, part from 6 7 8 that was cool

Oh yeah my GF said have you got a bird in that tune.. :unsure:

Forgot to say thanks to Omnimaga for the help on cloning riffs/panning etc..definitely worth thanks LOTS

147 crew


The vid finally uploaded left it on overnight, think it took bout 4 hrs, if I convert takes 10mins..better actually pay for it I guess, get rid of the watermark..if you wanna peak then please do

The first video post is the better version.

147 crew

new mp3 added as the previous one sucked. Sound was bad and didn't include the extras I added. I played around with the snares a little too..FUNKY  :D

NEW TUNE COMING SOON- Couldn't come up with a decent title so...JAZZ Dub- 2 versions

EDIT- sounds a bit fuzzy  ??? maybe re-load  :-[

Another mp3 uploaded just as NEW.mp3 this one was before I added a 2nd layer in audacity and converted to stereo mix..seems to sound better (I hope)


nice 1 a newer version!
im speechless (i think my girlfriend would be pleased!)
i really dig the bass line! really nice flow...
starts slow and then faster percussion, great transitions... you can def have +1 karma for this lol!
wow! at 3mins it is the best dnb ive heard! i could listen to this when getting ready for a night on the tiles! ******* brilliant!

147 crew

Not really a new version, just wanted to put a decent mp3 up of it. Same as one of the videos, accidently changed the snare at the beginning but added new snares thats all  :)

Thought the last mp3,(NEW Snare.mp3.) sounded airy so I uploaded a new one,(NEW.mp3)

Would be nice to make a new version though  :D

thanks again for the listen

147 crew

Will be attempting to add new effects to this tune soon, hopefully not too much as I don't want to ruin it. Since making this I have learned so much more about the programme that it could definitely be used to good effect. Watch this space  :D


147 crew

Yeah I like the feeling at the start, still to update but it should sound better. Thanks for the listen  8)

147 crew

NEW MIX uploaded and entered into 'the Vault' where it shall remain until it is complete. New video + an mp3 to enjoy aswell. May end up slowing it right down with minimal beats and enhanced melody, who knows.

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