The Machine- Full Tune Upload (Link to Facebook 10mb file)

Started by 147 crew, February 04, 2009, 11:58:36 PM

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147 crew

TITLE- The Machine (Full Tune)
AUTHOR- 147 crew
FILETYPE- Link to Facebook
DESCRIPTION- Finally uploaded the Full version of the Machine as 1 tune. Added lots of reverb to percussion but haven't changed the melodies, untouched from what I had originally. Quite a long tune due to laying samples down to see what I liked, now gonna break it down and make something new. 25 Samples used.

Hit the link last tune on the player, for now. Otherwise it will be somewhere in the list,(I have no control of the order Stupid or what.) Hopefully the sound is o.k turned down slightly during recording.

The Original video-

the Machine Remix video- (Quite bad sound)


 :D Lovin this!! Sounds robotic Really cool percussion and beats,...Lovin them snares to the middle roughly...the Techstep sounding ones! And the bass with them synths sounds awsome!!
I think them jungletek sections of the track are wicked mate!


Commented on YouTube but I'll say it here, wow. Amazing beat, it had me going from the get go and the poppy melody is definately robotic like Irn just said. I really enjoyed it mate fantastic work, looking forward to the extended mix and .mp3 of this.

147 crew

Thanks lots for the comments, created back in August so needed to add as the Full tune. The mp3 can only be downloaded/played from facebook.

Thought 'the machine' was a good title, added the Terminator melody into my New Remix. (Needs work.)
Upload a small sample soon. Some of the system overload I like so will try to conjour up something.

Thanks again  :D

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