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Started by DJ Omnimaga, February 20, 2009, 03:43:36 AM

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After a long wait and trying to figure out a way to do it, the file upload form that is built-in into the posting screen (when clicking post reply then clicking "Additional Options..." below the text area where you type your post) now appears to finally accept files bigger than 6144 kilobytes. The two forum system we used so far allowed me to set the upload cap as high as I could, but a web hosting limitation caused everyone to get an error or to return to forum front page when trying to upload anything bigger than 6 MB. This was a serious issue for TIMGUL users when it came to uploading their new songs, as they had to rely on external file hosting services such as Mediafire and Savefile when they had a song longer than 6 minutes or songs saved in a bitrate higher than 128 kbps (1 minute of 128 kbps mp3 audio approximately takes 1 MB). Not only that, but most external file hosts won't keep your files saved forever if they don't get enough downloads, meaning that TIMGUL music showcase section is now filled with broken song links

Altough it isn't official that it works well now, there has been testing being done and it appears it works. A file larger than 6 MB was uploaded fine (altough it takes over 2 minutes to upload.). The forum upload cap has now be set to 20 MB (20480 KB). This should be enough to upload a 320 kbps song that is 8 minutes long (about 21 minutes long if the mp3 is 128 kbps). This also means that you can now upload small video files in WMV and AVI format.

Besides the upload cap increase, there have been two other changes to TIMGUL. First, guest must now register to download songs or view website links appearing in posts and news front page, and secondly, you can now embed Youtube video directly in your posts simply by using   tags (put the URL of the video between an opening Yt tag and a closing one.

Below, you can download a video uploaded to show the working upload cap increase. The video is over 9 MB. You can only view the file from the topic page, not the front page, though.


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