Started by Shellshaka, February 22, 2009, 12:01:23 PM

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Sacred Virgo

here's my second upload. it is another ambient/experimental tune. it's also track 9 of the last record i've completed, which is called Ultimaelectrica.

About Anti-Graav:
I think i started working on this song in 2003. back then the essential features of this song were a huge breakbeat and an aggressive bassline (!!). Just like almost every song from Utimaelectrica, it was split into two sections. during the following years i tried many times to complete the second section but the results were totally disappointing. so i decided to eliminate the beat in the second half of the song and to focus more on the melody. In 2007 the song was finally completed, but still i wasn't satisfied by the content of the song. with a sudden decision i trashed almost everything in the first section and started again nearly from ground zero. the only thing left from the original song is the arco string riff which you can hear at 1'53'' and 2'03'', i left this riff as a memento. i completed the 'new' song quickly fo my standards, it took me less than a month. In this new version this tune is meant to be a peaceful intermission between more upbeat songs.

My opinion: i really enjoy this one. though it is not as immediately catchy as Spiaggia Lunare, i think it is more original and somehow more sophisticated. the production is also way better, but that's beacause of the splendid reverb of music2000. a song like this, beacause of its characteristics, could never be considered as a highlight of a record or a possible grounbreaking single: for this reason i feel a special sympathy for it, though i do not consider it one of my best songs.

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Another excellent tune mate. Really great atmos and nice samples. That 'chink' sound coming in over the apregiated blip (around 4.00) is amazing, the two sounds together. Top work.

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Oh I love the intro..... This is my kind of sound right here.... *Waits for progression of track* hmmm wonder what's next.... Oh the strings and x-files sound..... really nice. Really nice. Definitely like how you build in the sound effect around 3:10 and space is left-to-right-to-left panning nicely.
This is the first song I've heard from you and I really enjoyed this immensely.
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