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Started by DJ Omnimaga, February 21, 2009, 03:18:03 PM

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i was a bit sarcastic in that statment. I said that because it seemed like at the time that because of the way I moderate the forums I felt I didn,t deserve my admin position anymore

DJ Ryznup

I enjoy this site and I appreciate all the hard work that you've put into it. I love this site and I think that its awesome that the people here are so cool and nice. It makes it nice and easy to share our work, ideas, techniques,likes/dislikes, etc., among each other which makes it feel like a community rather than just a site that I'm just uploading and downloading stuff from like most other sites where you showcase your music. And thats a compliment to Omni good job at running this site.

With that being said, I completely support Omni decision to ban people who are being rude or don't follow the rules and guidelines, because when we registered with this site we all agreed to those guidelines. With this being such a small community, or actually any community for that matter, people who don't follow the rules can easily make it not a good place to be. And sometimes people who we don't expect to break them do as well, and if its not addressed something small could snowball into a worse problem.

In Quade's case, I know he was fustrated, but I do think that he could have expressed it in a differnet way rather than cursing someone out online. In any community there are going to be disagreements, but just because someone disagrees, doesn't mean they should be rude in how they express their fustration.
Quote from: The Lyricist on February 22, 2009, 11:24:24 PM
I would suggest a "3 strikes and you're out" rule

From what I read, I think there were three strikes. Omni mentioned the incident with Ghost and also the fact that there had been some Personal messages(PM) that were sent that were apparently rude(So we all probably don't know the whole story). The recent post on this forum might have been the last straw before the ban. I wouldn't even call it a ban its more of a suspension because it was only for a limited time, he wasn't exiled indefinitely. So its not as bad as some people here might think it is.

Disagreements within any community can't be avoided no matter how how big or small it is, but they aren't always bad because its also necessary for growth within a community. There are good and bad points to everyones arguments, and when these situations calm down or are resolved, people usually learn a thing or two, in hopes of avoiding a similar situation in the future.

"Limits may hinder us, but they also bring out our creativity."


ok now lets just review how i was being so "rude" ? this is what i said..... and im not being rude now but i think its far i have my say to only defend everything that has been said agents me and for banning me

yeah great, shame i have lost every tune i have ever made! (is that rude)? i can understand about the upload increase to 20, but why get rid of save file? ( is that rude?) just because YOU personally don't like it, ( witch is true) (omni don't like it, because he cant use it) (is that rude) ? thats the only file site that works for me! (is that rude)? there was no real need to block the site,(is that rude)? fucking annoying considering it takes me about a hour to upload each tune because i use a USB modem stick to get on line..(is that rude)? i know you don't like save file, but come on man dont have to wipe off everyones work, (is that rude)? its a massive hassle for me to get my tunes on this site (is that rude)?,, oh well don't think i will bother uploading everything all over again and may as well leave the site now,(is that rude)?  think the Pillage and Quade77 mix is a good way to say good bye.(is that rude)?

thanks from Quade77(is that rude)?

im just saying how i was upset that after hours and hours of me trying to get a good online connection and getting people to hear my tunes, and spending hours, uploading tune after tune. to have them removed (as i thought at the time) without any warning.. now to me that is very rude, but you will not ban yourself, banning me for saying how i feel is rude to me, as i never said anything about you personally expect that you didn't like S a v e f i l e ?? witch is a true statement!!!

now am i not allowed to speak my mind? there was no rudeness there, you took it all the wrong way and didn't see it from my side at all. and didn't even give me a chance to reply?

as for me being rude to casper aka audio ghost, this is how i was rude to him....

another great tune mate, wicked vocal man, where did you get the vocal from mate? i love the timing of it all, you have done really well there, nice atmosphere to this, it reminds me of something but i cant put my finger on it, i like the funky euro bassline, always love your work, top marks from me, a good technique for a tune like this one is to have a deep pad sound on the same notes as the bassline, like a low string to accompany the bass line it would give it even more depth and make it sound deeper, but this is still great i love it.

peace to you, my good friend Ghost

again, please show me where i was being rude?

and for that i get called SMUG???

but im being rude to him????? and he did not get a ban?? ok i can let that go and i have ! he said sorry and thats cool with me, im not a child and i can take it..

now this is the one i thought was very low to say i was rude to you in a PM we both know thats not true, this is what you are talking about, show me the rudeness???????

hi omni  got a little gift for you my friend , its a free copy of Ableton live 7. i know you say you find these programs hard to use but believe me its no harder then Music 2000 / 3000 or MG2, and when you get the hang of it its easier in my eyes, im sure you will be happy with it man

its my way of saying thanks for this site.

heres the link, bla bla, (so i sent the link here)

it will seem a little weird at first getting used to it, but it will be worth it in the end. i cant stress enough how important it is to look at tutorials on youtube and other sites, ill sent you a few links to get you started, make sure you save them to your bookmarks!! big tip, if you wanna get your riffs in the arrange view you have to record them in the sessions view first, its all about recording!! and use the (freeze track) option as much as you can, you will find out what i mean later, ok ill send you the links to help you  Smiley

also join will help you more then anything

and of course youtube is great too

Good luck mate and most of all enjoy XD

this is the reply and thanks i got from omni

Well thanks I will probably try it. I have Sony ACID pro demo and did a song with it. I liked it. I will try ableton live to see if it's better and if it isn't too much CPU intensive I might use this instead. I alerady got a bunch of VST plugins I got on my other forums.

However, if I happen to not be comfortable with it, please, no harrassment. I can't stress enough how much I got harrassed in the programming community about how I should learn ASM instead of BASIC after telling people over 100 times I tried to learn ASM several times and just can't get the grasp of it even after looking through tutorials. I had to quit programming altogether and leave the forums in question to not get harrassed anymore and it took 2 years until I start coding again (in BASIC) so much I was tired of getting bugged. The same thing happens in the music community every summer when the FL Studio fanboys invade Youtube in June until August and troll the hell of all non-FL Studio songs comment pages and people bugging me to learn FL Studio. Altough it pretty much just started like a year ago and it's usually only during summer time I would hate if people started bugging me even more trying to force me to switch from Music 2000. Personally on all the PC softwares I used it takes me around 12-20 hours to get a decent song done, even if i am used to them. The easiest I could find were Magix Music Maker and Sony ACID Pro. I can't understand FL Studio even after checking tutorials and I don't like the cluttered interface. I will only use a software if I get comfortable with it. With Music 2000 i can finish a track in 3-4 hours and sometimes it sounds better. In MTVMG2 i take around 6-7 hours.

So if I find ableton easy to use, then good, else I will ignore every future request to switch. For now my favouites are Sony ACID and Music 2000. Even after I got ACID trial I still use Music 2000. Only thing is that since I am too busy since the past 6 months I can't listen to people tracks anymore. :S

so i sent this!!

no harassment??? ok man don't worry i wont harassment you??? really thought i was doing you a favor!!  seeing as im giving you a £200 music package for free just to say thanks, sorry if you have took offense to that, im a 31 year old man with better things to do with my time, i don't harass anyone!!! , you can do what you like with it, its a fantastic music making program, can do more with that then that shitty acid pro thing you are talking about, its got nothing to do with all this fl studio fanboys and all that shit, at the end of the day its about making great music, i don't get caught up in all the childish bullshit politics about theses games, look anyway don't worry man, no one is forcing you to use it, it was just a gift, but good luck to you anyway.

from omni

sorry if it sounded rude, it's because I noticed that a lot of people (no matter the age) who switch to better softwares bugs other people to switch too. This is constructive, but most keep bugging the person and insisting afterward non stop and it gets annoying. I was just saying that as a warning in case you were planning to do the same. I mean, the person could convince the other to switch  because he likes his music and is convinced he will make even better stuff, but if the other realise the new software is not for him or that he's more confortable with the current one it's better to not put too much pressure. I'M glad you weren't planning to do so, it's just that it happened so many times and there was someone I even had to block from AIM chat so he stops, not just with music, that I get in defense mode really quick. I'm happy to have the chance to try the software now, and thanks for the gift. I will look if I get comfortable with it and if it suits my needs.

So far I don't think Sony ACID is that bad, I tried it and it was easy to use and all. My only gripe about it is that it has a nasty bug that when you close it, almost all your vst settings are reset to random settings, so until you finished the song and are certain you woN't need to retouch it you will have to keep the program open. Not a big problem for me since I have my PC on 24/7 but it can be annoying if I ever need to reboot or shut down my PC. I am planning to get help from someone who use the same program on my other forums to see if there is a workaround but he isn't on anymore.

If Ableton works similary to other sequencers other than FL Studio I will be very happy with it. The good thing now is that I got a big bunch of percussion samples for Eurodance, gabber and uk hardcore and combined with the big bunch of freeware VST plugins I got as well as some other samples I have much more freedom now.

For the old skool happy hardcore and old forms of trance I will still have my old Music 2000. My only gripe right now with Music 2000 is that if I ever decide to sell my music made with it I would have to put the MTV Music Generator logo on my CD pocket (that's unless Codemasters didn't decided to no longer require that, though).

fair enough, thought the matter was over there but dont go telling people i was rude to you by PM, because thats a lie!!

PS you seem to be very fast to forget how i have prased you many time in the past, and how i have gone out of my way to thank you for the site ect....

if you really want to ban me again for saying how i feel and defending myself thats ok, but dont say im a bad rude person because i think everyone else knows that is not true, if i offended you then im sorry if that was all you wanted me to do was apologize to you, again sorry

Season 8

Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on February 23, 2009, 01:04:11 AM
i was a bit sarcastic in that statment. I said that because it seemed like at the time that because of the way I moderate the forums I felt I didn,t deserve my admin position anymore

That's fine then dude, but I still think that having a strict amount of people moderate the forums is the best way to go, I'm not saying it should be me but it would most certainly put a stop to al the arguing, and to answer your sarcasm, yeah I do have a lot of experience modding forums, I've done it for Neoseeker, and plenty of other sites, there's no need for sarcasm as I have not fired any back your way. If you're talking about "being nice" to other forum members then that's not exactly the way to go now is it?


also i just want to say that pillage my village was standing right next to me when i wrote about the 20mg upload limit, and that i was very upset that no one could now upload all my work, or would not bother going through the process of how to find my save file tunes. and he could understand what i was saying quite easily,,

we had just finished the Quade77 vs Pillage my Village timgul mix,  but i couldn't upload it to the site, and i couldn't use save file, and i tried another 3 save file sites, but non of them worked for me, and all that wasted 4 hours of my life, not including the 6 hours to do the mix its self. if people cant understand my frustration about that then i really don't know what to say,

i do not want to be on a site where i have to tip toe around people, or kiss ass just to get along with people. i have never in my life flamed anyones music on this site or any other site, i have contributed to this site as much as i passably can, with my tunes my positive comments on peoples tunes, (even if the tune is good or bad) and the mixes we are now doing! i have promoted this site many times to help it grow, i have also added some people to my own site on my friends showcase page here   and that includes omnimaga, take a look if you think im not telling the truth....

in fact this is what i wrote about omni........

DJ OMNIMAGA is a true pioneer in bringing new unsigned music to the world with his outstanding WWW.MTV-MUSIC-GENERATOR.COM a incredible music site where people can post there music and unselfishly let peoples' productions be heard to all, his hard work and dedication holds no bounds, a great producer of music himself of all things dance music, this man is a jack of all trades and a master of all trades too! favoring Hardcore, the music Omnimaga creates is on the level of masters, true elite. please check out his web site
check out his tune!    (here i had a link to one of his best tunes)

just thought it was relevant in this matter

as i always say on my post and messages,
PEACE from Quade77


EDIT: crap I missed Quade second post. This is a reply to his first one. I'll repost a reply to his other post

That was rude
That was rude
That was rude

(all since it was specifically directed at a person in particular, exclamations marks makes a post sounds like the user talks in a very excited way, super happy or angry, and caps lock are considered as yelling)

isn't as bad, as well as profanity, if used alone, but in this context it made the post sound even more rude (the profanity was used in the second PM you sent me).

Since you are apologising about that, this means you were definitively not meaning to be rude to me so I'm going to apologise for thinking you were and because of the ban. However I would like to clafiry some things:

First, I do not hold grudges against you (as I said in my previous post). Even before lifting up the ban. Everyone can do mistakes and this makes me realise even more how text is one of the worst way to communicate because it often transmits emotions incorrectly or are misinterpreted. I do hope you don't hate me and forgive me, audioghost and others for that.

About the audioghost matter, not the one via PM but the one on the forums in his Gate To Heaven topic, Audioghost is a bit like me in the way that he can take stuff personally easier than other people. I do think he overeacted with his smug comment, however, it was the first time, which is why I didn't banned him. I also understand how it would piss you off afterward too. However my problem there is that afterward he edited out his post then apologised, yet you would still continue and Audioghost had to apologise at least 3 or 4 times until you post something that seemed like you forgiven him.

However, I did not like the following either. But I'm unsure if this was posted before or after this incident, since in the forum database dates are written in a strange way, but this was pretty shocking at first to me and audioghost and I took quite a lot of offense to this and this was quite uncalled for for the users who uploaded 900 tunes on this site, especially considering how much better they are compared to some Youtube stuff.
Quote from: PM sent to NakamuraMSG ID: 524
deletedBySender: 0
fromName: Quade77
msgtime: 1234316739
<removed PM due to whole ordeal it has caused and per request> 
So basically there's only about 4 good music producer on TIMGUL and the rest, probably even me, don't produce anything worthy even if they spent lot of time on it?

So yeah that was pretty shocking, and I feel there was some defamatory stuff in this PM sent to nakamura. I do hope such things doesn't ever happen again.

Anyway I apologise if I am too fast on banning and badmouthing, it's just that I had to deal with so much shit in the past including online that I get pretty defensive now when someone seems aggressive to me. I do hope you also understand that. Everyone is different in the world and you have to accept everyone as they are, like I have to do and like how everyone has to do.

Plus everyone does mistakes. Kallaye1 did and his apology was written in a way that it didn't seemed like one, so I still thought he was a hater, then he came to clafiry his apology and we're all fine now, everyone comments on his tracks including myself on youtube and he doesn't post anymore bad comments

As for The Lyricist, sorry I doN,t share the same opinion than you. I doubt it will become this way and the sarcasm was only said because i felt you were questioning my ability to moderate this board, which I kinda found insulting to be honest.

I'M still unsure about my future on TIMGUL. As for now TIMGUL Rave Mix Volume 6 has been put on hold due to the incident and it's not guaranteed that I will release it, since there are bigger chances that this will be one my last post on this forum

EDIT: crap I missed Quade second post. This is a reply to his first one. I'll repost a reply to his other post


thats a very low move to show a personal message to everyone, that was from me to one other person when i was angry, you are truly a dictator!!! why dont you show what that person sent back to me why you are at it, and all my other one needed to see that and you are a low person for showing it, ,, you are gonna start more unnecessary trouble now, so thanks for need to ban me you give me no choice but to leave the site and im leaving right now!!! to every one else, hope you all enjoy making music and i wish you all the best, but be very careful what you say because omni is watching your every move.

peace quade77

no doubt omni will delete this anyway


why post that personal message, i thought you was better then that, thats the most out of order thing i have ever seen on the net so far, well played for trying to turn everyone agents me



The forum rules applies to personal messaging as well. If bad things are said against someone via PM, the rules will apply as well as if it was in public, and people would have requested to see it in public anyway, as they were questioning me about what happened via PM, plus it seemed like you wanted to bring up the PM issue.

Sorry, but even if the entire matter only would have occured via PM, it would still have been brought to public anyway, else someone might have brought it up to me. And saying I am a dictator is a real insult to me. I would like to see you run TIMGUL yourself.

Again, the forum rules applies to PMs too. And that PM was pure DEFAMATION!

It just seems like you always think you are right and you do nothing wrong and everything I do is wrong now that you are angry at me. Sorry, but leave TIMGUL alerady. YOu are selfish, not caring about anyone and how they feel


thats cool   ;D the people that really know me, and are my friends on here know the truth!!! just because you can handle life don't mean i cant! and i think when you grow up and become a man you will see that you are the selfish one after all, and yes maybe i cant run a site like timgul or i just don't want to, i do things in the real world with real people instead of hiding away in my parents house like you feeling sorry for myself, believe me there are a few people that think you need to get a grip and stop being a little baby and bitching about life, but luckily there didn't say it on this site.

this place was cool, but you have let it get to your head and get the better of you, no wonder you got bullied


Ignore this two last posts, it's filled with blatant lie, plus I only got bullied because of unpopular clothing style (lack of money), good grades, weird music style at the time (to the bullies), the only thing quade is right about is being bullied because I let the people get to me. Well I mentionned in a previous post I am working on this since 17 years and it just takes a while.

That said, Quade has showed that he thinks he is perfect, and nothing I do is right. He doesn't want to forgive me and every single move I did was criticized. However, the only reason why he is going to be permanently banned and never return on TIMGUL by now is because of his last post, which is a flame, and his second last post, which contains a troll. I know he did a lot of work on the site and helped a lot people, but the last incident was uncalled for and I hope to never see something like this happen again on TIMGUL. I do hope people see his last posts as a "what to not do on TIMGUL" and that such things won't happen again.

I am not the only one thinking this way about this matter and JCW has read this topic because I sent him the zip files containing copies of the entire thread while the board was taken offline.

As for the board being back online, you are lucky it was even brought back up at all. As said in the RIP notice, I didn't deleted the board in case I bring it back online in a week or a year. JCW actually convinced me non-stop to take it back online and Audioghost tried to earlier, altough it failed at the time since I was still sad about the matter.

It will remains as it is now, but chances are big that this is one of my last post ever, because I don't feel I deserves an administrator position anymore on TIMGUL, not even a moderator position, so someone will most likey have to take over for moderating issues. I will only be performing security updates. TIMGUL Rave Mix 6 is now officially cancelled and I'M unsure when I will make another song. For moderator position I thought for a long while that pillage might be a good one, since he has been around for a while, but I am worried that he might now hate me or that Quade might have turned him against me or the entire forum because of the ban and incident, because he hasn't visited the board ever since. I also wonder if people will not try starting a rival site in response to the whole ordeal, because the human is blinded by the bad, so he doesn't see the good anymore when the slightlest bad thing happens. Once you screwed up, you're screwed. One of the other choice for moderator would be JCW, most likely.

Even thought TIMGUL is back now, I do not think it will ever be the same again, though. Even if Quade did bad, he contributed a lot, had a lot of influence on other people (even one of my tune was inspired a bit by his songs due to the style) and contributed a lot to the site. It's just that from now on we can't be on good terms anymore because no matter what I will try, he will refuse to get on good terms again with me or hate me even more. This is not to mention there is alerady tension between him and another member and with the new incident added to all that, he can no longer contribute to our community. This is not to mention the massive member loss the site might suffer, seeing some people disagreed with the ban or are great friend with Quade.

On that, I let this topic open if anyone has their say, but if it gets nowhere, I'll lock it


Enough. I was absolutely disgusted by what Omni showed me while I was away. I was embarassed for people reading the sarcasm and shouting the rights they had over the rights they do have, regarding forum rules. They were broken and the rules were upheld by Omni, pehaps a little brashly but he apologized and set everything back to normal but people still continued the fight. Is this really what TIMGUL is all about?

For me it's about the music, and learning to be better. I will always need to get better with things, it's a learning curve. I look up to people here and down to people who ask for my help so I can raise them to the same level. More over, the friends I have here have made me feel welcome. And it's all thanks to Omni, if he felt offended and felt the need to act on his forum, his website and on his rules then that's fair enough. What's done is done, everyone has said their piece, and expressed how they feel. Omni felt he had to act, people felt they had to defend, others felt they had a right to express anger and as human beings we have all those rights and more.

But it's over now, Omni pulled the website down and I was mortified. Everything has been rectified now, I even got into a small fight with Omni but we sat down like men and straightened it out. Can't we all do the same thing? Let bygones be bygones, forward from hereonin. We've said what we have to. If people can't let things go that's their problem, but please I emplore you don't continue something that has been buried and ruin it for the rest of us.

Atleast now I know who my friends are and aren't, I guess I will look out for those elusive 4 greats of TIMGUL from now on. Thanks for listening guys.


Jesus! Its all gone off here! bloody hell, iv been watching this blow up from the start but refused to get involved. I love this site,the ppl and the music. Im glad its still up.
Im gonna have a listen to a few tunes and post some comments....... Peace guys.
I'd rather be a nobody, than a somebody who 'nearly' made it.


Hey Stone Cold,

It continues and settles down in the Decorum topic if you're willing to read. It's settled for now. Hope you're okay mate.

Season 8

Woah wait a minute, I was up all night last night till got 3am with Quade and Nakamura trying to sort this out. Omni took the board down, I really think that PM's should stay PM's and not be used in a public case against the person. Come on Omni that was way out of line. I'm glad the boards back up but the damage has been done now. Most people will miss out on Quade's great tunes, god knows what the other board members think, but it seems to me now that you have changed your mind for being sarcastic to me about having a moderator or a set of moderator to wanting to appoint JCW to be moderator over the board because he talked you round into putting it on. That to me looks like you want the board to be split on both sides. It looks like there is no easy way to settle this. And for what? Look at what all this has stemmed from and what it has degenerated to.


Who said anything about me being a Moderator? And talking him round? Where did you hear all this?  ??? I think it's a fantastic idea that you said having a council, it'd make things alot easier but that lays with Omni. I'm just trying to keep this calm Lyricist, I don't want to read about this shit when I sign in to listen to music.

Season 8

That's exactly what I just said on my post on the other thread, I want to just post my music, listen to others and get on with it.
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on February 23, 2009, 10:32:09 AMJCW actually convinced me non-stop to take it back online and Audioghost tried to earlier, altough it failed at the time since I was still sad about the matter.
One of the other choice for moderator would be JCW, most likely.

That's where he said you talked him round and being a mod. This situation can't stay calm so long as Quade is unbanned, and we sort this out. At the end of the day of course he's going to be pissed about it. Look at what he's done for the board. He's just a very opinionated individual and should be allowed to express himself as such. Maybe he doesn't always go about it in the right way but if he says anything even remotely offensive he apologises and it takes a man to step up and do that. Yeah if Quade is unbanned he may kick up a fuss but that's just something we have to take. Let both sides get it out so we can move on. It's what we all have to take as men, and not shy away from what someone has to say.


What the hell? I skimmed that post and didn't see that part. Let me read it again and I'll reply.


Okay yeah, I don't know how I missed that bit but yes, I got into a big fight with Omni this morning about closing TIMGUL, reviewed what had happened and asked him to put it back online. He agreed because he wanted people to say what they had to instead of blocking them out fully. So if that's a bad thing that me and Casper tried to get TIMGUL back online then forgive me!

Yes, we're all men. Quade should be allowed back to say his piece, it's only fair I completely agree. We all went haywire and it's coming to an end, but what we don't need is more insults over this. Just talking and straightening things out without swearing or insulting. Omni, if you could unban Quade so he can speak I personally would appreciate that so we can all move on with our lives.

As for the mod part, read my other post to your response in the other topic to see what I said about that.

147 crew

Yeah this has all got way out of hand now people...was a bit suprised the site was down for a couple of hours. Don't think you need to close the site or stop being the moderator, things have gone really well over the past year. Loads more members, loads of tunes, fun topics, interesting stories. Haven't noticed any hating while i've been browsing so this all came up real quick. Lets start to enjoy the MUSIC again, thats why we all came here to begin with. Just pumped out **RENEGADES OF TIMGUL VOL 2-WE DON'T STOP mixed by audioghost. Now if this site wasn't around, Musical mondays is no more........

Be a shame to lose everyones work. Every1 has an opinion I guess, mine, roll another PHAT ONE..pass it on.


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