The Slightest Hope

Started by Gorex, March 05, 2009, 12:16:44 AM

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I don't know why, but some of the magic between Music Generator for PC and I has just plain vanished since I took a break - but there's always that slight hope that I'll find that spark that ignited my creative energies back then. 


You will mate- I went through stages, 2005-6 was a pretty good year for me, then 2007 I didn't make any music at all. 2008-9 wasn't so bad, then for a few months this year I had a really bad patch and thought about canning it in altogether. You will regain that motivation Gorex, just stay positive. I know how it is buddy.


Whoops, almost forgot the song I wrote about it...  :-\


Haha, so it wasn't a statement.. I wondered where the .mp3 was at first. Listening now mate.

Nice, the intro felt really emotional. The guitar- was it a chugg? Really liked it mate, sounded like it could be in a video game.


Y'know, I wanted to write video game music when I was a kid. Who knows where I could have been had Music Generator been released when I was 9 instead of 19?


Me too, I always adored the SMS style music and dreamed of recreating it into real music and beats one day. I've already done a Shinobi remix so it's a start, and I know what you mean. I wish I had of found it too. My friend used to have the original Music way back when but I never took a real interest.

DJ Ryznup

Cool track, really sounds like music from a game I played on the Sega Genesis.

I also kind of feel the same way as you do with trying to do the same type of music with the same sound that you did before you took a break from the software. When I tried to pick up where I left off years ago, I just couldn't seem to do it or get the same sound out of the system that I started doing before I put it down. But Like you I'm trying to do get that spark of creativity back to inspire me to want to do more tracks.

But for me the answer is pretty simple, I just need more free time to mess around and experiment with it again. One of the main reasons I'm looking forward to this summer.

"Limits may hinder us, but they also bring out our creativity."

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