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Started by spacekid890, January 22, 2008, 12:59:10 PM

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Hi can any of you guys help me? I have the music 2000 pc version and want to add some of my own samples,On the playstation version all you had to do was pop in a cd and burn, but i havnt a clue how to do it for pc  :huh:  . im hoping the quality and size of the sample will be greatly improved if i can get it to work.
Any help would be greatly appreceated thank you. :D  


I think on the PC you cannot add samples from a CD. You have to save them on the computer as WAV files, and import them in Music 2000 from the Load/save menu. However I tried and it didn't worked with all WAV samples. Maybe the file format was wrong, but it should work with most others. Keep in mind that the sound will turn mono though so you may need to use the stereo trick in the Music 2000 section of the website


i will give it a try thanks buddie

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i have the pc version too. you open up MTV music generator, pop in a cd, then press the cd button in the top left corner. Then it will open up a menu where you can play the songs. Theres a record button there and thats how you do it. B)  
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Ah cool I didn't knew the PC version had this too. I wish it worked fine on my computer and had better control :(

Has anyone managed to get a Gamepad working with the PC version?


lol, i was just tying to figure that out too! lol