Started by BlondeJustice, September 24, 2009, 04:26:18 AM

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Okay this took me by surprise so I'm just gonna come out with it: Omni and JCW have made myself and Shellshaka admins.

After the latest drama and John's head getting completely and utterly fried with all the unnecessary drama here, he just had enough. He was bound to leave eventually what with Uni just around the corner for him and there are only so many hours in the day to begin with, but it's a crying shame that the day came a lot sooner as a result of the most recent TIMGUL shitstorm.

There's more I want to say but I'm scared of boring people half to death with all the little details. I said myself that JCW was leaving behind some pretty big shoes to fill, I never thought I would be among those to step into them.

I don't want to say too much while Shaka is still in bed and can't offer any thoughts at the moment but I think it's safe to speak for him by saying say that we will both do our best to live up to the JCW standard because we love this place and its uniqueness. I even sent Shaka a private message on here just in case he had a heart attack or something upon his next login! I really am pretty lost for words, and am anxious to speak with Shaka about this crazy news.

Anyway I'm sincerely flattered for one thing and as I said will do my best to live up to John's high benchmark of quality admin service ;) as I'm certain Shellshaka will. Still gutted after that farewell post though, it really is a sad day for TIMGUL but let's just see where we go from here.

Well I've rambled on long enough, gonna call it a night now and I'm curious to see what Shaka has to say about all this tomorrow as I'm sure he'll have something to say!

One last thing, I just want to say to John how much I appreciate everything he did for this place. Good luck with Uni and I hope everything falls into place for you and your lady - I can honestly say you deserve it. :)

This is Neil signing in.


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Sacred Virgo

holy cow blonde you bet i'm surprised!!! in fact i'm speechless!! jesus!

gotta go to work now, we'll chat later hoi

DJ Ryznup

Congratulations to you guys in getting the jobs. Glad to see two members at the wheel who, like the former Admins, Really care about the site and the community. It would be nice to see everyone who left return, but unfortunatly life's priorities seem to have a grasp on a lot of members, including myself, which keeps some from participating as frequently as we used to. I won't speak on the drama thats transpired within the last couple of days, but I will say that I'm happy to see the community growing the way that it is, for every member that leaves there seems to be another to fill the gap and bring their own unique music and styles to the table,in addition to the members who return. I also hope to see more members return as TIMGUL heads into this new stage of growth.

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Casper AudioGhost

congrats shell n blonde-i have a feeling u guys will do great and keep this place happy n peaceful cheers  capser
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Fear 2 Stop®


But wait...

What all happened? Please let me know in seems like if I go to work everything changes lol
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Big bloody congratulations to both of you!!!!
Sad but exciting times :( / :)

It's not the end. It's a change. Yay for change.
:D :D :D


Congratulations Blonde and Shell!
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Sacred Virgo

thanks everyone. we'll do our best not to disappoint you. we'll follow JCW's steps and will do whatever it takes to let this site and its community grow in numbers and prosper. also thanks to omni and again to JCW for giving us this opportunity.

hooray for Timgul!


yeh congrats, this is ur new full time job sadly u dont get paid to do it lol

Master Dutch

well sheesh I don't even know what the hell has happened but hopefully the shit storm is over!

No more fights guys just music...


Well let me tell you what happened.
I slapped Blonde Justice round the face and he fell over and broke into pieces coz I'm stwong.

Sacred Virgo

yep i'm a real coward!  ;D


Then my nose fell of because of the ZOMGCHAIR!!!!!!!

So then I poke Fear in the eye.


I don't know what taybuls are but yes I was thrown through them. And flaming they were. I say. They were flaming. Then I did a Ultra Mega Lightening Flying Woosh Kick on Blonde, and then I FINISH HIM!!!'d.

Fear 2 Stop®

I'll just sit here and play with my organ.

This one...
Fear 2 Stop are: Billy Castillo (me), Dana Castillo (my wife) Raymond Proseus (best friend)

147 crew

Hello Strangers!!  ;D

Can't stop now, got me new password so will be going through the boards checking out NEW Music & also finding out more details on more DRAMA!!!!

Timgul still lives, thats the main thing.

Hope you are all well & producing some good tunes.


147 crew aka Majixherb aka Jimbob.

Master Dutch

glad your back Majix!!!

Casper AudioGhost

wb james-since rob took over as admin we haven't had any drama-just like the old days :D  glad to have you back    casper
RIP Marna Patterson (1947-2009) i love you mom,my music is for you:)
my net label 57 tracks
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