Music 2002: Club edition

Started by DJ Omnimaga, January 31, 2008, 04:10:24 AM

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Cool, i just orderd mines, had to get it from the actual store, because nobody ships to the usa, so i had to pay full price ! man,!

but its all good,
does it look like you can still by pass the whole non publishing rule, but you can make your own riffs and sample

it gottabe a way to configure the controller options somewhere in the setttings,!


you can bypass the non publishing rule by only using your own samples (either from importing wav files, i dont know which format though, or recording from a CD).

Unfortunately you can't even change the controls and not even the language. I think for language it takes the one from your windows, so for me the entire program is in french  


what the heck,

its gotta be some kinda way to ceate your own riff tho with just the sounds
i mean  and still publish it

i hope mines is not i french

what kind of sound do you have and whats the best to use for most computer music softwares

because i think thats the problem why some of the quality come out bad for the pc


Well I have a Realtek AC97 audio, but it's hard to tell which sound card is really good, because for example there were many kind of Realtek AC97 audio card. Mine dates back in 2004-2005 and still plays sound fine though. But it's really hard to tell which one will work or not. Technically any cards made after that should work, but idk if they decided to remove compatibility with old programs in new cards, which would be stupid on their part


Hi, I received the 2002 program from England today and it works fine on a US PC. What seemed weird is the only riffs I get in the library are in the Slinky category. The box and manual talk about other genres also benig available. Does anyone show riffs other than the Slinky category?

Also, Has anyone messed with combining the wads from different versions?


i got it,
i dont like it

at all


I didnt messed much with it because it seems like Music 2000 PC, which I didn't like much. But it only costed $5 so it doesn't matter much. Maybe i will venture more into it in the future


Could someone upload it for us?)


nope, since it is against the forum rules to request or upload such illegal materials. I would hate to get my forum shutted down due to illegal softwares x.x


OMG lol I discovered something with Music 2002: If you load the song demos, go in the riff editor and open sample pallette. THEY ARE FAKE SONGS! I mean It's all recorded melodies not made with Music 2002! Nothing from the sample library at all. They took DJ Slinky songs, made with a different music program, recorded each needed riffs individually and loaded them in in Music 2002 to recompose the entire song there! I am unsure if this is what they tried to do but to me it seems like they tried to sell the program making people think these songs were all made WITH the program using the samples inside. The demo songs doesn't even show what the program does at all. THe program let you make better stuff than Music 3000 yes (if you don't mind the bugs and the annoying controls) but they should have at least only put songs using samples from the library and maybe a few songs with premade riffs or modified ones so it shows what you can do with the program. I heard a lot of Music 2000 users say they learned to compose songs there from the demo songs. Sure, the demo songs weren't that great compared to stuff on TIMGUL but at least you learned the basics since every riffs were created note by note INSIDE Music 2000.

Just to show you here's a video (in wmv format) showing what I mean:

At the end of the video I go in the riff editor and play every samples from the pallette one by one

(on an unrelated note I believe when stopping playing the song at one point you can hear some reverb, ans as said in my review it was Mono like in Music 3000 x.x)


I have just got this and it crashes every 5 minutes and I don't know why.

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I should be expecting this in a few days. I bid on ebay for it and won, so is there anything I need to know about this program before it gets here? How's the learning curve on it?
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