How to get your songs from Playstation to the PC

Started by DJ Omnimaga, February 19, 2008, 08:44:41 PM

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If you use a Playstation version of Music 2000 or any other Music program here is how you can get your tunes to your PC. First you need to take the A/V cable you use to connect the playstation to the TV, but instead of connecting the Audio cables (red and white) to your TV connect them to the PC instead (I believe it's in the Microphone port). To do this you need one of those adapters:


You may also need some extensions if your playstation is very far from your PC.

As an alternate method you can use a 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable and plug it in the TV headphone port and PC mic port, but then you get mono sound and you can hear the TV buzz/hiss when the song play.

Once it's done you will need a recording software such as Audacity found at . You will need to set the software to Microphone

Then record and save either as wav, mp3 or ogg. I recommend the mp3 format though, as it is small and almost everyone can play them.

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What about us who use a slightly different cabling to the "dual A/V" cable? My PSX uses just the one plug and socket. (though it has an adapter so the analogue aerial can be plugged in as well)

Also, will the 3.5mm-3.5mm cable actually cause mono sound? Wouldn't it depend if the TV was mono itself? (Also, there is an option in Audacity to record in Stereo, but it has a slight delay of ~0.1 second.)


i use a lead called 'easy cap'. then record onto pc using windows movie maker.
is audacity better for recording music? ive never used it you see.

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I want movie maker!! Audacity is cool for getting tunes into mp3 so you can put them on your phone


Movie maker comes with Windows XP. It should be in Start->Programs or Start->Programs->Accessories . UNless it only comes with SP2, but most people who have XP have SP2 installed nowadays  

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My XP got a virus and we haven't fixed it yet so we SUX!!!


ouch sorry to hear :( I hope you can get it fixed soon.

Btw what antivirus do you use? If you use Norton I highly recommend against it. It's more problem than anything else and it's so commercial. I recommend Avast, which is free, combined with Ad Aware SE Personal and Spybot Search and Destroy (also free).

AVG is nice too if you don't like Avast but Idk if it's free

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Ad Aware SE Personal and AVG I now have, should get a new computer soon then I can make cool videos not just pictures...

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Even WMM is the only video editting software I have, it's not that good. Case in point; I had to restart it 5 times to create 1 video. Thank goodness for AutoRecovery (it might do it on the Vista version as well)...


Yeah WMM is annoying sometimes. I only use it cuz it is simple and it let me decide of the filesize I want without losing too much quality

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Ahhhh this is my kinda site. I have been creating bass music since 1999 with the MTV Music Generator on my Ps1. I still create to this day. My music is strictly bass for car audios subwoofer systems. If you like extended bass frequencies from 10-150hz then you will enjoy my music. I have been trying to figure out how to record my music onto my PC for quite awhile. I really appreciate you giving this info. Look for many songs from me soon, and possibly a CD or 2.

- Rob (Bass Launch)
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cool, I will check out when it's ready. Welcome here btw :)

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Thanks  , and hell yes BASS... BOOM... BOTTOM... I'm talking stuff like Techmaster P.E.B., Power Supply, IBP, Beat Dominator, Bass Mekanik, etc....  :)  
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Another way get your music from playstation to pc without losing any sound quality is this:

If you own a DVD recorder...connect the scart socket from the playstation to the DVD recorder. Record your tunes to a DVD, then rip your tunes off the DVD with your PC using any appropriate music ripping program. I've used this method very succesfully and the quality of the sound is excellent.



I'm too cheep to do that, so I did this:

Soldering and all.
All songs were made between 2001 and 2005,
unless otherwise noted)

I am not a proper musician, I do this for fun.
My songs suffer because of that...

I am more adept in the following:

My art:

My novels:

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What if your computer doesn't have a/v inputs, and your tv doesn't have a headphone output? I'm kinda computer illiterate.

I had recorded my songs from the PS2 to my stereo using the A/V cables, and then from my stereo to the computer using a cord from the headphone jack to the computer. But then my stereo got messed up in the move, and I no longer have a stereo with a/v hookups.
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I am unsure about this one, but maybe at some stores there are cables that goes from antenna plug (assuming you have that) to a headphone plug. I am unsure though, but I know there were A/V to 3.5mm adapters so we never know.. Else it may be quite problematic


I've had problems, too, with being able to get full stereo from any source (PS2 and cassette) onto the PC through the sound card connections.
I have a set-top DVD recorder and, if I ever get around to getting another Playstation2, I had already planned on using the method that KalsolarUK suggested to get my songs onto the PC.  Plus, for those who want to upload to YouTube, you could just use the video, as is (re-encoded for the web, of course).

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