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Started by Fear 2 Stop®, January 07, 2010, 08:56:23 AM

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Fear 2 Stop®

This happens to be my daughter's favorite song that we did. Oddly enough, we wrote it while Dana was pregnant with Jaymie!

Hopefully you guys will like it too...speaking of Jaymie, I will be unveiling a song featuring her voice sampled soon!
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Season 8

Haha this one made me laugh but in a good way! You can hear how children would connect to a song like this. And in another positive note it sounds like it would be used for like a hell level soundtrack on a Mario game and their music was epic so that's quite the compliment! I like the kick drum (if that is what it is!!) and the melody does have the evil child/demon kinda feel so yeah I definately liked it!

.:DJ Droppin:.

I'm definitely feeling a Mario vibe around :25 and beyond. Real good breakdown on that Lyricist. I could actually see the game and everything thanks to your comment.   :D  Maybe Koopa is raising hell! around 1:22 kinda sounds like it.

1:52 is classic video game music! Oh yeah like a discover level.... searching for something for that friggin Princess Toadstool. Damn she's so needy!  :D

Like the bass/drums at 3:18 perhaps moving towards battle.
Then 3:41 escaping....

Pretty cool song man. That's the thing about music we can imagine anything we want and the listener can as well. In a song like this it especially helps when you can tend to connect a sound(s) to something you'd heard before such a Mario yep.
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I see the Mario resemblence.
Particularly with the additional reverb. Sounds like Mario might be down the pipes, in the underground levels.

Again liking the percussion.
Quite the demonic feel to it hehe.