First Contact (MTV Music Generator 3)

Started by Michael, April 22, 2010, 04:41:14 PM

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Hi all.

When I used to be with my brother he made a DnB track with MTVMG 3 all by himself without my help. He has a bit of a mental disability and to be honest, the melody he made up for his track in which he called it "First Contact" .. lol, I thought it was really good, I remember how he looked so chuffed with it when I told him I loved the melody he made up  :). He also threw all random vocals in the track in no particular order so I did the same thing in mine so I could keep it just like his version lol  ;D

Unfortunately I do not have the track that he made, but I decided to remake his track in my own way using the same melody in a different way and he felt very special because of the remake hehe, he was a great bro, I miss him alot. He had no idea how MTVMG 3 worked but some of the stuff he created was so wacky and crazy, sometimes even funny that he would laugh at it himself lol.

This track is a mixture of pre-made samples and my own samples from the MELODY and DRUMBEAT sections.


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That's quite a touching litte backstory, actually. At least, i thnought it was. XD

I have to agree with Pincarto, as well; it's really quite a haunting little track.
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