Started by DJ Eddy, February 05, 2010, 03:18:30 PM

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DJ Eddy

A Dnb Style tune made on Music 3000 for the PS2. Sort of got 2 songs in this.
Was a bit of a muck around really and not finished but might get it done if ppl like it ;D

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DJ Ryznup

Cool track so far. Great beat and has a nice gritty bass too. I would like hear it when its finished.

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Fear 2 Stop®

Great just subscribed to your youtube channel. Music 3000/DHF is NOT userfriendly in the least, but you did pretty good with it. Keep working on this song, and I too would like to hear more.
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.:DJ Droppin:.

Ah this is very nice.

Great snares/percussion and good beat.
Like the bass and synths
The subtle eerie background melody is real nice too. It seems to compliment the track.
Liking the acid sounds too
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As Droppin said, the Acid sounds are brilliant. But the thing i love the most about this track is the Bassline in the first half, hands down.
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Feels like ping pong. with a bit of bass!!! nice
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