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Started by V Sinizter: MG Tyrant, March 11, 2010, 10:09:49 PM

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V Sinizter: MG Tyrant

What up y'all. Been gone for a minute working on my album. But back to the grind now. Anywho, got a couple of questions for the computer saavy people in here:

1st- I'm using both the MTV Music Generator and Music 2002 to do my music in. Now in December I had no issues recording in both (as in using the record function to import samples, melodies, etc). I took a break to work on mixing the album and came back because some songs I have to do certain melodies over. Well when I try to record in both again, clicks and pops keep coming up. I cleaned out unnecessary programs, defragged, rebooted and what have you and I still get clicks and pops. My sound card is Creative's Audigy Platinum EX brand which I've used for the better part of 8 years with no issues prior. Got any advice for me?

2nd- I don't know if I mentioned in my time here that I bought a new computer with an upgraded Creative soundcard that runs on Vista. Well I'm certain some of you had to have run into this problem. I can use both programs on THIS computer, but the problem comes in when I exit the program (or frustratingly get booted out of it) I try to go to a save file and re-open my session and it kicks me out all together. I can't go back to save my life and the only way I can is by taking the session to my other computer (which has it's own issues described up top). Well I did that prior to December and post Dec it's now clicking and popping. I have a way around it, but it's too tedious and I'd much rather compose on the computer with the Vista if that's at all possible (it is but I roll the dice on getting kicked out of my session and not being able to go back to it on this comp).

Any advice?


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Master Dutch

Thats what this program does yo. Its a pain in the ass. I just deal with it but you being signed can't be having that shit happen. I've been looking for a way out too but it seems when you sample stuff they clash sometimes. I've done larger bricks and having the sample in its own volume channel that works sometimes but you have to work around the lagging sounds. I don't know man. but it is tedious to get things going only to have to redo shit all the time.


Ooh. Music 2000 on PC?  :)
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