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Renegades of the TIMGUL volume 8 mixed by casper

Started by Casper AudioGhost, July 17, 2010, 06:48:33 pm

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Casper AudioGhost

July 17, 2010, 06:48:33 pm Last Edit: July 17, 2010, 07:32:42 pm by Casper AudioGhost
just finished renegades 8-i will have 9 out in a couple weeks too as i want to get all the new stuff in a mix too-for now here's the renegades 8

Spacekid - you sent me an angel but i prayed for a whore.mp3
dark bliss-Way Out.mp3
ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE - Body Collection.mp3
rs conceptions Embrace And Free.mp3
j machine Braindance.mp3
Frozen Bells Infiniti ver 0.1.mp3
spacekid Dance to the end of days.mp3
DJ Droppin - Future Dreams.mp3
Dj Sonic - 125 3 Airplane (Trance-Dream Project 125)
dj eddy-Far Away.mp3
Dj Sonic - 125 1 Opening (Trance-Dream Project 125)
koolassjoe-Transformers - Optimus.mp3
dj droppin- Galactic X-Ploration.mp3
bj max-John_Farnham_Have_A_little_faith__bj_s_Dance_Mix_
dj eddy Fighting on.mp3
dj eddy-Techno Ride.mp3
casper audioghost-push it up



this mix plays in a flash player instantly as well as you can download it


Very smooth mixing between track 1 and 2.
Thanks for including my track!!!!!!
I just think it is so good that you do these mixes. It brings us producers together, and provides us all with a chance to have our music promoted; enjoyed and experienced in new ways. The Renegades Mixes is a project that is inclusive, supportive and encouraging.

And also, to say again - I love J-MACHine's Braindance.

DJ Eddy

July 18, 2010, 12:22:33 am #3 Last Edit: July 18, 2010, 12:25:55 am by Dj Eddy
I just love these Renegade mixes you do Casper!!!!.
Truely shows the quality and uniqueness of the producers of this great site.
Thanks for including my tracks much appreciated mate.
Love the mixes, it gave me (and im sure others) a chance to listen to songs i have'nt heard on here before.
All i can say really is this is the reason i love this site.
Cant wait for 9.....Thnx man

This is the sort of thing that makes me really get in the mood to make more.

Casper AudioGhost

thx guys-and thanks to all the artists here sharing their music-9 will be coming in a couple weeks or less and i want to get more hiphop and rock on the next mix so stay tuned   casper

Casper AudioGhost

admins-plz move this topic to dj mixes when u get the chance                                    casper


Just want to say thanks again for including Braindance, AG!
Fabulous Pony Eurotrance™


Thanx for including me in ya mix. Im starting to feel like family. And as for the TIMGUL cast on this one, you guys sure know how to create some intense work. Rock on!

.:DJ Droppin:.

Listening to it now.... Man I'm so glad you've made yet another Mix. These are classic and mean a lot to myself as I'm sure all other artists. I mean this is like the heart and soul of TIMGUL in every collection you create. We get to hear all of our various styles, sounds, themes, and get a sense of the passion we all have for our music.

Thanks for including 2 of my FHT Trance tracks too!
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Casper AudioGhost

thx rob and everyone for support-i love this site and the freedom it gives new and different talent to learn,grow and exhibit their budding skills.the new guys don't know i  been banned from this site twice and let back in-i made some mistakes but i felt i was fighting for the right of everyone to be respected no matter what kind of music they made and what method.and i had been blamed for killing the site by a few people-but now with the rebirth and new members i see i was right and i'm glad i never gave up-and so glad u guys are here with your music of all types and the spirit of creativity and unity-long live TIMGUL..the home of the renegades of music creation                                                       casper


thank for includin ur boy on da mix. i feel special yaaaaayyyyyy lol.  i appreciate it dude

Casper AudioGhost

ur tracks rock zodiac-glad to have u here   casper

147 crew

Thanks for making these Casper, will look forward to having a listen. Cheers  :D

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