Solar Night

Started by DJ Eddy, July 20, 2010, 08:33:29 PM

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DJ Eddy

Happy Hardcore tune made using MTV Music Generator 2002.
Another up-beat song with piano and its 6:27.
Had a little tune in my head and i was bored so made this in a few hours and i got really into it.
Got a little bit of vocal in it.
DJ Eddy.... ;D

Casper AudioGhost

it's a joy to see your talent progress-seriously your tunes are as good as any uk hardcore i have ever heard and i used to spin the odd set with clubland extreme cuts so i'm aware of dj sy n dj hixxy n ppl like that-i really love this track it's genius from the the panning blips to the rave synth lead and ur great use of vocal acapellas.keep up the great work m8   casper
RIP Marna Patterson (1947-2009) i love you mom,my music is for you:)
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dj on

DJ Eddy

cheers m8, thnx for listening
i always like to know what u think about my songs.
Edit. if u like a bit of dnb and metal i just made 1.
id love to know what u think.


Another amazing track Dj Eddy.
The main synth melody is awesome. I never woulda thought it possible anyone using those voice samples in songs , mostly cost I find almost all of em really cheesy.


Wasn't so sure at first, but this grew on me quickly.
Nice melodies, with a nice production quality to it.
Nice builds, nice panning, nice nice nice.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Damn what a melody and beat! Really gets moving, doesn't it? Fast. Fast. Fast. Then slowdown at 3:50. You are really good at this style.
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