Knowlesy00 ~ The 11th Hour (Melo/Death/Metacore)

Started by Қлөщłєşү[¤¤], July 23, 2010, 08:09:35 PM

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Wrote this tonight, thought I'd take a stab at something darker. So I wrote this...thing...anyhoo I hope y'all like it.


DJ Eddy

Ur probly 1 of the best at making cool guitar riffs for heavy metal on here.
Another cool dark heavy metal song.
Loved 3.04 and when u kicked the beat back it.
Amazing work..Keep doing ur stuff m8.

I just made a sort of Heavy metal tune id love to know what u think.
Oh what do u use to make ur songs?


First off , thanks alot thats a huge compliment.

If you mean my guitar settings ?
Well the guitars are all Acoustic... I do it string by string...for some reason I cant get the meat an sustain on the electrics I dont have the patience Danthrax must have to go throw sounds of chuggs etc...and then work it all out.
So I opt for the acoustic , I can write on my guitar an I tab it in the game.


s p a c e b a r

2:25 - shit ya, 3:27 - nice progression forming - i need to start using more guitar samples- fade out is cool
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Yeah man this is awesome! If you wanna know where i get the chugg sounds from, then this should help. Go to the electric guitar, in distorted riffs, i use 'racy chopped.' I go to the sample start option, and click in between the right arrow and the bar that moves, 3 times. This resets the sample to start at a chugg. See if that interests you :)
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