Started by s p a c e b a r, July 23, 2010, 09:18:50 PM

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s p a c e b a r

duration 2:31 - starts with a bit of space and builds - enjoy..
if your never there, your never in

DJ Eddy

Some cool stuff.
I was laying on my bed listening with my eyes shut and it was chilling yet catchy.
Had my head bopping at the grovey bass.
I enjoyed listening to that....thnx :).
hope u do more like that.


Yeah man awesome bass line. This is great!
Life can be hard sometimes. We all need an outlet, whether it be sex, speeding, violence or creation. I chose creation. Enjoy  .

s p a c e b a r

thanx - this is probably in the wrong genre but i got tired of putting everything in ambient/other - i never have a genre in mind when i make them and i really don't know what to call them - game likely -
if your never there, your never in

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