Computer Empathy [ELECTRO, SYNTHPOP]

Started by J-MACHine, August 02, 2010, 04:13:56 AM

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Didn't really know where else to put this. Finished this just a couple of minutes ago.


Track No.: 5
Title: Computer Empathy -Instrumental-
Album: Braindance
Artist: J-MACHine
Composer: Jimmy Theed
Genre: Electro, Synthpop
Year: 2010

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.:DJ Droppin:.

This is great. I loved the futuristic sound right off the bat. A nice deep kick to it. Good melody/structure. Nice catchy synths as well. I like the fading/slowing down towards the end as well.
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Cheers, Droppin'. I'm glad you liked it!
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Nice work mate. Not somethin I usually listen to it reminds alot of Daft Punk ( if I got that wrong , I apologise I'm mostly a straight up metal head lol )
But I loved the melodies , the drums were tight and I actually caught myself bopping away to this.
Well done man.

DJ Eddy

great sythny pop song m8...
reminds me of some cool 80s stuff..
really like the beat u done with this..
pretty awesome melodies in it too..


Wow. Much like "Dawn Of A New Age" - this has a dreamy sound that makes me imagine a vibrant, colourful environment.
I do like the beats too - solid, funky and just all lovely <3


Thanks, you 3! Knowlesy, it's fine, it wasn't really the feel i was going for, but i take it as a compliment none the less! XD
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like how it moves along. the flow is crispy man. surreal. i likes!
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