Total Uncontrol

Started by DJ Eddy, March 24, 2010, 10:43:43 PM

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DJ Eddy

A DNB tune I made with only Mtv Music Generator Slinky Club edition.
Was having a little problem with this cause everytime i went to load the thing the notes went all weird dunno if any 1 can help me with that, So its not really all finished.


For a supposedly unfinished track, it sounds really bloody good, you know. Sorry to hear about the issue's you're having with the Music 2002, though. Wish i could help you, but the issue i'm having is that the damned thing crashes whenever i try and load anything. 8/
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147 crew

Enjoyed, great panning. Bass notes & sound is very good.


Ooooh I like this.
Solid drumloops; the reverb on the snare is a nice addition; and lovely panning on the hihats.
Nice builds.
The sound is quite charming and fun (if that makes sense).
Very phatt basslines, with good blending between them.
And the whole track is very blue, to me, with my Synaesthesia. :)
As J says, this is really good for an unfinished track.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Slinky Club Edition? Hmmm, I am not familiar with that one.

Starts out a bit more chilled DnB(If you ask me, but I am not an expert as a listener of this style) Nice little beat, percussion... Oh what's this? Transition at 1:36 ..... LIKING THIS. OH yeah. I definitely enjoyed the 2nd half the track, but building up to it also is important.
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