Knowlesy00 ~ The Killing Field (Metal)

Started by Қлөщłєşү[¤¤], August 14, 2010, 07:08:23 PM

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I really love some of the riffs in this , I spent a while going around the fret on what sound good for harmonys an such so I hope y'all like it.

Anyhoo, Cheers.


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DJ Eddy

superb melodies in this and nice guitar work.
Enjoyed that thnx...

.:DJ Droppin:.

Nice intro with the single string and bass guitar combo. Great harmonies right off the bat. Such a unique sound to hear the metal chug riff, then the more acoustic sounding rhythm, but it works great. It is kind of a trademark for you. Not bad at all  :) If I had one suggestion it would be during the "chorus" when the drums/bass kick/percussion/and chug speeds up it would be to try to separate into 2 channels your kick drum/chug riff or pan it. That might give you more depth, and a desired clear sound. As usual your harmonizing is excellent
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Thanks for the comments.

I know at times it some of the parts get murky...but I'm trying to clean it up n polish it off best as I can without it loosing any of its power.

I'll certainly give it a go an see what happens.


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