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Started by Қлөщłєşү[¤¤], August 22, 2010, 10:36:20 PM

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Heres my kinda stab at the whole " Album , E.P " side of things. I'm still sorta ironing out the kinks on the sound side ( which at times you may notice and I apologise ) but this is just something that hopefully you find satisfactory...or even something that you can put up...the screaming baby you can ignore I'm not fussed on the reference.

Any comments at all are welcome.

1 - Chasing The Horizon
2 - Firefight
3 - Melody Mashup
4 - Running From The Reaper
5 - To The Beyond 



Had space issues on my memory cards and I completely forgot about em till I've uploaded em.

Masters of our fate :  my take on a Dragonforce-style

Elegy : A score-style really happy with the melodys an overall sound

Again any feedback whether praise or scathing reviews are welcomed with open arms.


DJ Eddy

1.Chasing The Horizon
Love the strings. great aucoustic work in this. nice heavy beat.
The aucoustic is just amazing tho loving it. awesome tune.

2.Fire Fight
Really great intro then that heavy beat kicks in. wow another great aucoustic tune in this.
Dude i think u might be the aucoustic master.

3.Melody Mashup
Another great intro, sort of chilling yet the cool bass is catchy..awesome guitar riff at 0.50 totally brilliant stuff.
I am very impressed at ur amazing guitar work m8.
Nice slow beat in this 1.

4.Running From The Reaper
I think the name suits this song perfect.. love the wind bit at the beginning.
Dark and fast stuff then that piano riff kick in which is awesome.
U can probly tell i dont know nothing about this style really so i cant comment to much lol..

5.To The Beyond
Man u make some amazing melodies.. i wish i could do the guitar riffs half as good as u.
Great song again

6.Masters Of Our Fate
Really heavy rocking beat backed up wish fast guitar work...u have a great style m8.
Running out of praise for the guitar work lol..

Really like the melody in this 1.
Cool use of the vocal pad i love that sound.
I love from 1.32 really great i could listen to this all day long..think this is my fave from u so far.
Really great stuff has a great feel going on and is sort of sad and gets u thinking.

Well...Amazing album m8 i really enjoyed listening to ur superb guitar style.
Great work cant wait for another album.
thnx.....DJ Eddy


Thanks Eddy , I'm grateful that you took the time to write up this review...thanks mate...I'm glad you liked it. :)

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