Coordman: Helios Rising (Progressive Metal)

Started by Coordman, September 06, 2010, 09:46:35 PM

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Here is the prog metal project I've been working on. This is easily the heaviest thing I've ever created. I'm really happy with the results.

The careful listener might notice a subtle tribute to Slipknot toward the end. ;)
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Already loving the sounds your using man.
The solo at 1;20 is kick ass :) .
Riff at 1;45 is fookin amazing , awesome chugg an tail.
and seemlessly back into the main riff... :) and then that awesome riff.
Great work mate.


wow, dis is some sick ass work.  i hav to piggy back off of knowlesy bout the solo at 1:20...PURE INSANITY.  st8t up sick shit dude.

.:DJ Droppin:.

I have to agree..... Best solo ever created with MUSIC? Could very well be.... Aside from that the drum work/percussion is fantastic.. Like the chugs/rhythm guitar as well. Really nice work.
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Great work man! This is fun! straight fun! Chugg away brother.
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