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sleek like a freak(2008)

Started by Casper AudioGhost, September 11, 2010, 06:39:05 pm

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Casper AudioGhost

i just found an archive i made of some tunes that had been lost from the forum a while back-this one is one of my attempts at a hardcoreish dance track                         casper

DJ Eddy

Loving that heavy beat and bassline.
Awesome tune m8 that lead is class.
This is good stuff, you should do some more like this cause id definitly listen to it.

Casper AudioGhost

ty m8-listening to this again i am sure that this was inspired by scott brown definitly.i was listening to some of his tracks at the time like elysium-thx for listening and replying                      casper

.:DJ Droppin:.

Great grungy bass... Like the snare/drum fills.... Your usual catchy sound for sure. 1:31 = EPIC. How you bring the strings in there.... Perfect.
Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space. http://www.reverbnation.com/djdroppin

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