Knowlesy00 ~ LateNightRave ( Dance ? )

Started by Қлөщłєşү[¤¤], November 12, 2010, 02:52:22 AM

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So after listening to Casper n Eddys colab it really put me in the mood to write something dance-y ... try to create something better than I have.

But after hrs of tinkering away I think I came up with something I'm quite proud of :) .

Casper AudioGhost

listening-love the reveb on the snare starting out-digging those arps and strings-this is top notch man seriously-then the bassline that kicks in ta 1:23(wow) and then that sequence at 1:35-i'm envious of that truly-this is fantastic knowlesy and glad if i helped inspire u m8    casper
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Thanks Cas I'm glad you liked it ( and to Eddy if he gets a chance to listen ) .

Thought I was just for another routine post and reviewing new material but after listening I new had to go create some dance music.

Why I love this site , inspiration not only from your reviews but what you may hear.


Even though I don't dance, dis song makes me wanna do so :). bad ass melodies wit da arps, and i really loved dat dnb sound at 2:58.  dis is amazing...nice work.


Thanks mate :)
Probably best you don't dance though mate I kinda picture you with a PS control in one hand an a knife in the other so someone may get hurt lol .

DJ Eddy

Top work again 1.00 sort of peaceful...oh yeaaaaa!!!! then that bass and beat...
This is truley a great dance song m8...
I agree with Z that DNB beat was a nice inclusion...
You keep making top class stuff dude.....keep up the great work m8.


Thanks Eddy

DNB segment was my lil DJ Eddy moment lol...thought I'd through it in see if u'd like it...glad ya did.


Interesting choice of Snare samples on this one. Not that it makes it unenjoyable to listen too, of course. It's a really nice little piece.
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