Started by ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE, November 14, 2010, 01:12:31 AM

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Here lately ideas have been flowing like crazy ;D.  So this is one of my newer tracks (I actually started workin on this before my e.p. but finished it afterwards).  Enjoy


woah mate...the beat alone is just amazing....it really sounds brilliant man.
Its got this claustrophobic vibe to it. I can imagine the video , someone in a coffin buried alive and trying to break out.
I love the piano/bell melody that seems like its stalking the song...there and then in hiding for another segment of evil
to play.
Everything hear just sounds amazingly good...but in a very evil sorta way.   

DJ Eddy

Great intro Z.
Awesome beat...this is some evil sounding stuff..
yea i agree with Knowlesy that bell gives the song a nice touch.
Brilliant work m8...Cheers.


thank guys.  @knowlesy- me and u kinda had da same idea ;).  im actually thinkin bout changin da name of dis to "Catacombs".


Damn, the horror vibe is really working for you! Love it!
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Casper AudioGhost

i really love this -t reminds me of goth/industrial like skinny puppy and dead can dance as well as dark triphop n stuff like portishead-so much prime raw talent now on the forum-genius in every genre-keep the tracks coming man                        casper
dam them bells r creepy
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