Knowlesy00 ~ The Tale of The Zombie Viking King (Orchestral/Metal) {Complete}

Started by Қлөщłєşү[¤¤], December 10, 2010, 11:34:34 PM

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Finally found the memory card it was on...and after all the time of going through memory cards I realised I hadnt named it
" The Tale of The Zombie Viking King " on the card so = eejit.

With that out the way I worked on this pretty much all day. There are changes but nothing to drastic from the originally.
More parts , I've upped the bpm slightlly aswell to give it more off kick too...think thats it.

Oh and " Fallen Martyrs & False Prophets " ...another instrumental based metal song really.

But there you go...hope you enjoy em.


The Tale of the Zombie Viking King (Finished) - At first i really couldn't tell the slight bpm change, but now i can.   luv the string solo @ 1:33 and that acoustic solo @ 2:39...very nice melodies. luved how u restructured this track, top shit bro.

Fallen Martyrs & False Prophets - nice acoustic melody @ 0:22, and those are some wicked ass acoustics @ 0:40.  i was really wowed by that solo @ 1:19, that kicked ass.  very nice slow down after the solo.  this track is just all around impressive, nice work knowlesy.

.:DJ Droppin:.

The Tale of the Zombie King - Just insane..... Comes at you with this classical theme, something neo-classical from days of old, then it slams your head with an insane pounding metal beat annihilating everything in its path. THEN back to an acoustic piece as if a wizard conjured it up. Real pro.

Fallen Martyrs  & False Prophets - No one blends classical with metal better than you. Then how you slow things down with majestic like melodies, an acoustical dream really. Then back to fast-in-your-face paced. It's such a contract of styles and yet you pull it off flawlessly. You are a musical genius. I hope one day you get FL Studio or Ableton Live because what you could do with those programs would be astonishing. Unlimited boundaries and the production quality would amaze people.

Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space.


 :) Cheers Z - always happy to hear people enjoying the tracks.

Rob - First off , thanks for the compliments. I really do appreciate every word - so a big thanks.
         I was talking to you about FL yesterday and after looking at some more videos today of how it runs and
         Some youtube users finished products...I really want it , the realism of the sounds is just...unreal.
         But anyhoo thanks again mate.  8)


The first track is classic orchestral metal lovin it, like the melodies very fitting ,brilliant accoustics later on too..same goes for the second track really like the accoustics here to, excellent synths and strings very fitting tracks.


Both tracks are very impressive - especially since if you try to tell someone that Metallica jamming with a Harpsicord player works so well they'd probably think you were mad! :¬)
Love those trademark soaring melodies.
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