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Started by Қлөщłєşү[¤¤], March 18, 2011, 12:37:10 PM

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I think I've booked my tickets to hell with this one , not only do you not cover a Nine Inch Nails song ... you do not cover a Johnny Cash song ... its kinda like casting Steven Seagal and Keanu Reeves in the new Batman movie...
So with my imminent damnation (oo like that , that'll be nexts weeks song title) I leave you with my attempt...kind of a bad kareoke sounding cover...type thing...listen if you want I dont blame you if you cant bring yourself to lol.

DJ Eddy

I thought that was pretty good m8. Great guitar riffs u got going on.
I dont really know anything about country music tbh but i like this.
Is this finished? cause i reckon a good beat could go into that.

Or maybe u can give me the intro if you want because as i was listening to it i thought how cool would a Dance version be.
Anyway Nice stuff again u keep popping out these tunes quick as anything lol.

Casper AudioGhost

i'm a fan of nine inch nails all the way back to 90 when i first heard songs from 'pretty hate machine'-i'm very familiar with the original and the johnny cash version-this is quite a brilliant instrumental arrangement-taking the theme of the song(outrage from self hatred)into a grand meditation of existential awareness-it's definitely not the worst cover of hurt i have heard

great job m8-keep it up---seee you in hell bro----------------casper :-D
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Thanks to Eddy n Cas for the comments , always appreciated guys.

Eddy - I was really tempted to put in the sorta tom/kick drum beat in but then I remembered there was background chorus melodys I had forgotten
          that Cash plays a single key in the chorus so I spent a while on that an obv forgot about long story short aye, no bother mate I'll     
         put up the guitar on the pc .

Cas - Thanks man , I knew with posting this track it was kinda like running on hot coals , or covering urself in ketchup and posing infront of a lions
         den shouting " here kitty! I taste good! " ... but its nice to hear that its not a complete epic failure , so danke Casper.

cheers for the comments off now to my techno remix of eye of the tiger...



bro, i tell u da truth, dis is a fukin masterpiece.  that acoustic melody is still playin in my head.  very nice low distortion (i think thats wat that is) in da background, and, of course, luv those strings.  sick ass cover dude.


Cheers Z , I really like this one...I think if at one time I'll go back and change the end strings...they sound kinda off to me , whether there to loud or...dunno.