Started by Da5t3r, April 03, 2011, 09:59:20 PM

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Here's a little tune I slapped together in a hour or so. It uses just the standard riffs and is quite short intil i get round to tweaking it up a bit.


Are you new here?  If so...Welcome to TIMGUL.
damn...those acoustics are insane dude...pretty groovy.  the hi-hat patterns are fuckin sick, and i like dat bongo in da background.  holy shit...those electric guitars are wicked!! they bring dat edge to da song.  dude, dis track is sick.  i would love to hear more from u.


Hi cheers glad you thought it was alright. Yeah I am new to timgul, I was looking into the Music2000 scene and found this place. I've made a few tracks over the years starting with some tracks on the original Music prog on the playstation, which i'm now trying to get hold of again because I still have some of my original save files. I'll probably put a few more tracks up at some point, my styles vary from this so not just restricted to rock/pop.
Cheers for your views and welcome much appreciated.


I feckin' LOVE the bass that starts it off. Seductive to my ear drums! I do not remember that being one of the standard riffs. Really works like sex with the bongos! I think you did the tune a favour when you increased the volume of the drums - maybe even a tad more?

Welcome to the "Four Ummmm..."


Just done a slight revision on the digget track it's a bit rough work in progress type of thing the beginning is the same as the original but then it goes just a bit further....


I've heard the bass sample in the game but I've never used it , it sounds really good...I'm getting a nice RHCP vibe with it.
Really like the bongo's . In agreement with riki in his comment about the drums when the guitars come in ... really rockin stuff.

DJ Eddy

A welcome from me...
Groovey ass stuff..got me rocking. like the synth blips u got goin on to.
Yea man them bongos are awesome adds a nice touch to it.

Glad u joined m8 hope to hear more music from ya..


Ta very muchly for your comments really appreciate them.

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