DJ Eddy Vs Knowlesy

Started by DJ Eddy, April 17, 2011, 07:41:44 PM

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DJ Eddy

Knowlesy sent me some stuff and i made this..(cheers Knowlesy)
Made using MTV Music Generator for PC.
DNB around 4 mins....There is another song im workin on with some of knowlesy stuff thats happy hardcore and loads of songs on my own i need to finish.
Anyway Hope u Enjoy....

Casper AudioGhost

this is really frickin cool-my fave section is the part that starts at 1:36-wicked-also love the piano breakdown around 2:30-u guys need to get together and do an album-would be awesome-cheers   casper
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Bloody hell what a clash. This is utter genius... i have never heard anything like this at all guys. I agree with casper.. do an album. Hey what if me knowlesy and dj and whoever did a mega track? like say knowlsey strats, then sends the file to dj eddy, who adds to it, then to me who adds to it then finished product??? hmm...
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DJ Eddy

Cheers guys thnx for the comments im really glad u like it..

Tell you what Dread that sounds like a wicked idea m8.. Im in. =)
Maybe make a post or something seein if any 1 is up for it.


Life can be hard sometimes. We all need an outlet, whether it be sex, speeding, violence or creation. I chose creation. Enjoy  .


EDDY !!!!
This is freaking A-mah-zing!
The drum work , the panning on the hi-hats and the sfx you have in , to the sythn playing THAT it!
Definately would love to do an album if your up for it. I was actually thinking last night to take time out from writing stuff
to post a message to say if anyone wants one of my tracks to cover or remix etc I'd do a full remake of it on the Pc.
And to answer Dan...yeah mate I'd be up for something like that.

But with this track again - all credit to Eddy with this one , no doubt about it. His production skills and creative mind are simply to badass to put into words.

DJ Eddy

thnx alot Knowlesy im glad u like it m8...i tried to male a rockin DNB tune with some of ur amazin piano.
As for the album...yea man im up for it..I still got another tune with ur piano to do atm and its Happy hardcore.
Maybe i can rustle up sumin for you to make a song out of 2.

Thnx again m8 couldnt of done it without ya..


O_O!!!  TOO FUCKIN SICK!!! this is an incredible collab!! 


Yeah, have to agree wholeheartedly - really excellent track!
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DJ Eddy

.:DJ Droppin:.

Wow.  :o How did I miss this track? Jeez. This is great! A wondrous merge of 2 entirely different styles, but they mesh together very well with this collab. The uptempo wave of energy DJ Eddy supplies with the catchy techno/dNb sound and the euphoric, chanting, guitar chuggs, piano mastery of Knowlesy. Things harmonize just right. u2 have a nice sound.
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DJ Eddy


Gotta concur with the others once again. Really brilliant work Eddy.
I'd totally be up for doing an album or e.p if I can persuade ya :)

DJ Eddy

Thnx m8 ........Im actually working on The Motherboard atm cause i kind of feel this song wasnt my best and i can do better ( feel like i let ya down Knowlesy )....Sorry its takin so long but tbh i totally forgot about it cause i dont go on Music 2000 anymore only 2002 but i went on it a few days ago and i aint gonna stop workin on it till im totally happy with it.....As for the album i dunno maybe if I get my mojo back lol, lets see how Motherboard turns out. OH yea and the Happy Hardcore one I still need to finish but that was a melody from the first stuff u sent me......

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